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“Fiscal Cliff” = Economic Blackmail?

by BombshellBetty

So, the memo has gone out.  “Fiscal Cliff” is the new code, to scare people about the economy.   Let us keep our tax handouts to the richest 1%, or we’ll threaten you with economic calamity and drive you off a financial cliff.   We’ll threaten to crash your economy.  Again.

Didn’t you do that to us already?  Ooh. Pass TARP or you won’t be able to get any more loans!  Okay. We passed it.  Economy still went down the toilet!  Do we need a rush on the banks? Just take all our money OUT of Wall Street’s Casino?
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November 2012

Occupy The Vote.

by Rabble Rouser


NYPD officer cops a feel, while brutalizing a woman half his size. Photo:

The world is watching, as cable news proves how irrelevant they are as a “news” source.

It’s all over the internet.

Do not let them silence your voice.  Do not let them silence your vote.  It is the only thing we have that is more powerful than all of them.

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September 2011

United States of Texas?

by Rabble Rouser


Rick Perry is gonna outdo George Bush on being a Texan?  Will he answer the question – if Texas is rolling in so much dough, why do they need so much government assistance?  Why can’t they pay for their own disaster victims?  It appears, they like government help when it comes to securing their borders, but when it comes to anything else, wasn’t Perry the dude who wanted to secede from the Union?  It seems, Perry thinks this country needs another dose of Texas GOP politics, when we’re still surviving the last one.  The approach is perhaps the anti-JFK.  Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you, and your corporate buds.

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August 2011