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War on Mom n’ Pop?

by TBird

“The President signed this assault on our Bill of Rights on New Year’s Eve, 2011. Those who still believe in him think he’s being blackmailed by world financiers, skeptics think he’s sold out. Whatever you think, it reeks with the odor of lobby. It really is a shame that for all his smarts, he’s letting his advisors lead him around by the nose. Tsk, Tsk, Mr. President. I really did think more of you. Sad to see you basically just declare war upon the American Citizenry and declare America a “battleground” where mom and pop will now have to endure jacked up military dudes showing up in riot gear to check out granny’s save the whale posts. Yeah? Greenpeace is now a terrorist group? Who knew? Granny, there’s some dudes here to see you.

Granny takes one long look at them and says ‘how much is that gear costing me, dudes?’  ”  – Rabble Rouser 


January 2012

Defense Industry Bringing The War Home?

by Rabble Rouser

How Long Will The American People Let Corporate Tyrants Own Their Government? photo:

Tick tock people – time to wake up.  There are chilling things that could be happening this very minute.  Our president is poised to sign a document that shreds our Bill of Rights.  Here I thought I voted for a Constitutional Scholar.  I thought he’d protect our rights, not sign them away.  He will be losing the coveted Independent Vote with a stupid move like this.  He will lose the votes of all those starry eyed liberals who voted for him thinking he could perform miracles.  He will only be licking the boot heels of the Republicans, who wrote this assault upon the American Citizen, and who have declared war against him anyway.   What a stupid move, Mr. President.  Your “note” attached will not save you.

What is happening to America, folks?

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December 2011