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Chicken Hawk Squawk & The War Profiteer Boogie.

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Face Palm. Image: "Lady Liberty is Crying,"

Dear President Obama, and any other Democrat in office, who thinks “bipartisan” means caving in to hysterical Republican demands and giving away the farm, for a few measly overdue bits of scraps.

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July 2013

“Fiscal Cliff” = Economic Blackmail?

by BombshellBetty

So, the memo has gone out.  “Fiscal Cliff” is the new code, to scare people about the economy.   Let us keep our tax handouts to the richest 1%, or we’ll threaten you with economic calamity and drive you off a financial cliff.   We’ll threaten to crash your economy.  Again.

Didn’t you do that to us already?  Ooh. Pass TARP or you won’t be able to get any more loans!  Okay. We passed it.  Economy still went down the toilet!  Do we need a rush on the banks? Just take all our money OUT of Wall Street’s Casino?
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November 2012

Boycott Power

by BombshellBetty

Photo: Pinups For Justice


As Rush Limbaugh’s sweaty, red faced corporate sponsors found out in a hurry, don’t piss off the sluts.  Dropped like a hot potato, Rush is left to scramble around back peddling and mincing his way through the misogynistic hellhole he’s dug for himself.  The Emperor, it seems, has no clothes.  As dittoheads try to wrap their brains around how to justify his behavior, like any abuser, they out themselves.  All we sluts have to do, is sit back and watch the show.  And pass the popcorn.

So now, we have a triangulation of scandal, sex, and boycott – just enough – for We, The People to maybe get it?  There is power in the boycott.  There is history, in the boycott.  We vote with our wallets.  It’s really the only language those who value money over people understand.

Montgomery Bus Boycott,

So let’s fight fire, with fire.

Boycott Power.  Boycott Greed.  Especially dirty power.  Boycott those who think they are above others, who think it’s okay to abuse others.   To pollute our water, our air, and think nothing of crashing our economy overnight.   Just ask Greece or Ireland. Continue Reading…

April 2012

Cardboard Revolution

by Rabble Rouser

It’s not pitchfoks and shovels, this time.

The Trouble with Traitors: French Revolution Events

It’s cardboard.

Photo: Lisa Derrick, La Figa.

What started as a ragtag bunch of peaceful protesters on Wall Street, has now blossomed into a worldwide Occupy Movement.  When people around the world started to see the peaceful assembly being attacked and peaceful, unarmed protesters being brutalized by “public servants” who are supposed to “serve and protect” them, more and more supported them.  Veterans showed up, to help protect them.  A worldwide movement is now in full swing, with countries as far away as both Egypt and Israel, marching in solidarity with U.S. protesters who have been brutalized beyond belief.

One such protester, US Marine Scott Olsen, survived two tours in Iraq, only to come home and get hit in the head by an Oakland Police “projectile” and suffered brain injury to the speech center of his brain.  His crime?  Simply peacefully assembling.  He is said to have “provoked no one” and footage of the incident shows there was no cause for police to abuse their power so forcefully that night.

Scott Olsen. 24 Year old U.S. Marine, survived two tours in Iraq. Shot in the head by Oakland Police for Peaceful Assembly. Photo:

Think about that one for a minute. Injured like this.  Suffering brain damage to the speech center of his brain.

A two tour veteran of the United States.  Literally silencing his speech.  Simply for standing up for his right to free speech.

It’s enough to leave anyone speechless.

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November 2011

United States of Texas?

by Rabble Rouser


Rick Perry is gonna outdo George Bush on being a Texan?  Will he answer the question – if Texas is rolling in so much dough, why do they need so much government assistance?  Why can’t they pay for their own disaster victims?  It appears, they like government help when it comes to securing their borders, but when it comes to anything else, wasn’t Perry the dude who wanted to secede from the Union?  It seems, Perry thinks this country needs another dose of Texas GOP politics, when we’re still surviving the last one.  The approach is perhaps the anti-JFK.  Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you, and your corporate buds.

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August 2011

“Madcap” Legislators, Wall St. Casino.

by Rabble Rouser

"Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since ... "


Guess it’s time for the market to take a dip.  Are short sellers lighting cigars somewhere?  All it takes is a hush, a whisper and a false report, to bring down an entire company overnight.  Yes, because regulators are so intent on pleasing their corporate masters, they threaten to plunge America into default, rather than bite the hand that feeds them.

Yes.  The boom and busting bubble market will always pop and go down.  Those who are hoarding cash will go shopping for the low, low price of whatever they decide to plunge the price down to.  If you’ve already got investments, hold on.  The roller coaster usually comes on the heels of political news, so it’s not surprising to see it happening now.

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August 2011

Monopolies, Market Manipulation & Anarchy, oh my!

by TBird

First, for anyone who wants to call themselves a “free market” person, let’s get one thing straight – a manipulated market, is not a free market.  A monopoly, or even a cartel that monopolizes and manipulates the market, is not a free market.  Second, for anyone who wants to pretend they stand for liberty, while actually advocating anarchy and no rules – it is our right to vote on a set of rules we all live by, that separates the self governing Free State from the arbitrary rule of the King’s Slave State.

Let’s get something else straight while we’re at it – rules and regulations that are put in place to protect consumers, taxpayers and ratepayers are there for a reason.  Usually, because someone got hurt.  Badly.  There was a reason they enacted the Glass-Steagall regulations that protected Main Street from Wall Street’s gambling addiction.  After they tore it down, big surprise, the same swindlers who crashed the economy the first time and caused the Great Depression, were at it again.

The only reason we’re not suffering another Great Depression, is because of some more fancy dancing on Wall Street, that still isn’t clear to most of us, and they’re fighting like hell to keep Elizabeth Warren’s watchful eye out of it.  As Wall Street gets back to it’s old gambling ways, betting all our 401ks on predatory schemes and peddling their bullshit all over again,  we still don’t have Glass-Steagall laws in place, nor have any serious measures been taken to curb the orgy of anarchy on Wall Street that even Alan Greenspan admits didn’t “police itself.”  No.  Greed does not police itself.

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July 2011

Two Wars, Shorted Economy, Civil Unrest.

by TBird

As two seemingly endless wars drag on, infighting in our country has reached fever pitch.  As our enemies continue to plot on ways to kill us all, many would rather be drumming up racial tensions, so we take our eye off the real threats facing us – a forgotten war, the bloodiest, longest war, in Afghanistan.  Only now revived, surging ahead with Patraeus.  We’ll see if he can fix it.  It’s been the lower war on the totem pole, as Iraq seemed to have gotten the most attention, and resources.

Then there’s the bit with the economy.  Seems a lot of people are getting very rich by shorting the market and betting on those shorts.  Doesn’t really matter what political party they’re in, because crooks will be crooks of all stripes.  If they can find a way to scam, they’ll scam.  There’s a reason we had the Glass Stegal regulations for Wall St.  This happened before.  They deregulated banking, took away Glass Stegal, and all hell’s broken loose again.

photo/graphic credit:


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August 2010