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Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

by BombshellBetty

Employers Use Obamacare as an Excuse to deny workers health care and even cut hours, to avoid paying for health care. Some turn around and spend it on free pizzas for a football team, so maybe they can afford it?.

Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

House Republicans are wasting a lot of taxpayer money grandstanding to fight Obamacare, even willing to “shut down the government” over it. They’d like us all to think it’s some commie liberal plan to give us all free health care. No, that would have been the “public option” which I would much rather have had than this privatized bullshit that was written by insurance companies and basically is the same as we have now with the HMO deciding what’s covered and what is not.  Big surprise the sellout Democrat who wrote this shit with the insurance and pharma co’s  left office?  Rotten privatized bullshit and they want to pretend it’s socialism, when really, it’s a strange hybrid of fascist socialism where it’s socialism for corporations and capitalism for the rest of us.   They’re busting our unions and sending the middle class onto the dole, now they want to blame poor people for our debt?

Those who opposed Social Security and Medicare were not able to get rid of it politically, so they found ways to profit off those programs and it has turned into a multi headed beast that is bankrupting our treasury as even luxury items are “Voucher billed.”

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September 2013

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?

by Rabble Rouser

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?  Did the wars make us more secure?  Some argue, it has actually made us less safe.

"The woman who sent a picture of American caskets from Iraq that ran in the Seattle Times (and was then spread around the Web) got fired for it. During the Bush/Cheney regime, the public were not allowed to see the horrors of war." via: The Memory Hole

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November 2012

Thank you, Warren Buffet.

by Rabble Rouser

Warren Buffett plays ukelele. Photo:

It appears Warren Buffet agrees with Palomino Road.  It’s time to take the diapers off, and stop coddling the super rich.  During the depression, everyone sacrificed to help revive the economy.  It’s time for those with the money, to invest in this country, or pay their fair share of taxes, since they enjoy using our infrastructure so much.  Clinton’s tax rates didn’t break the economy, in fact, we had record growth.

August 2011

Who Benefits, If America Defaults?

by Rabble Rouser

Not America.  Not you.  Not me.  Who holds our debt?  Multinational banks?  Who do our politicians work for?  America? Or something else?  Why would they do something that would help big banks get bigger interest rates, and crash our economy even worse than it is now? Do they want America to fail?

Wall Street is once again so corrupt, they’re like children misbehaving, begging for discipline.


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July 2011

Monopolies, Market Manipulation & Anarchy, oh my!

by TBird

First, for anyone who wants to call themselves a “free market” person, let’s get one thing straight – a manipulated market, is not a free market.  A monopoly, or even a cartel that monopolizes and manipulates the market, is not a free market.  Second, for anyone who wants to pretend they stand for liberty, while actually advocating anarchy and no rules – it is our right to vote on a set of rules we all live by, that separates the self governing Free State from the arbitrary rule of the King’s Slave State.

Let’s get something else straight while we’re at it – rules and regulations that are put in place to protect consumers, taxpayers and ratepayers are there for a reason.  Usually, because someone got hurt.  Badly.  There was a reason they enacted the Glass-Steagall regulations that protected Main Street from Wall Street’s gambling addiction.  After they tore it down, big surprise, the same swindlers who crashed the economy the first time and caused the Great Depression, were at it again.

The only reason we’re not suffering another Great Depression, is because of some more fancy dancing on Wall Street, that still isn’t clear to most of us, and they’re fighting like hell to keep Elizabeth Warren’s watchful eye out of it.  As Wall Street gets back to it’s old gambling ways, betting all our 401ks on predatory schemes and peddling their bullshit all over again,  we still don’t have Glass-Steagall laws in place, nor have any serious measures been taken to curb the orgy of anarchy on Wall Street that even Alan Greenspan admits didn’t “police itself.”  No.  Greed does not police itself.

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July 2011