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Chicken Hawk Squawk & The War Profiteer Boogie.

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Face Palm. Image: "Lady Liberty is Crying,"

Dear President Obama, and any other Democrat in office, who thinks “bipartisan” means caving in to hysterical Republican demands and giving away the farm, for a few measly overdue bits of scraps.

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July 2013

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?

by Rabble Rouser

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?  Did the wars make us more secure?  Some argue, it has actually made us less safe.

"The woman who sent a picture of American caskets from Iraq that ran in the Seattle Times (and was then spread around the Web) got fired for it. During the Bush/Cheney regime, the public were not allowed to see the horrors of war." via: The Memory Hole

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November 2012

United States of Texas?

by Rabble Rouser


Rick Perry is gonna outdo George Bush on being a Texan?  Will he answer the question – if Texas is rolling in so much dough, why do they need so much government assistance?  Why can’t they pay for their own disaster victims?  It appears, they like government help when it comes to securing their borders, but when it comes to anything else, wasn’t Perry the dude who wanted to secede from the Union?  It seems, Perry thinks this country needs another dose of Texas GOP politics, when we’re still surviving the last one.  The approach is perhaps the anti-JFK.  Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you, and your corporate buds.

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August 2011

Epic Fail!

by TBird

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It’s no wonder those who hate government fail to govern.  It seems, all they’re after, is tearing it down.  All the while, wrapping themselves in the Constitution.  Do they realize, the Constitution, is government?  It’s there, for all of us.  Not just those who want to cherry pick its relevance.  Here in America, we are all supposed to be created equal.  There are no kings.  Money has corrupted our political system.  It’s the elephant in the room that if continued left unchecked, will ruin us.  Whatever happened, to Russ Feingold?  They ran him out of town on a swiftboat? What happened to the McCain/Feingold attempt to rein them in?  Zip.  Supreme Court now says only those with the most money get the most free speech, so I guess some are more equal than others.

Now, those who pretend to “love America” want America to ruin its credit by default.  Maybe the banks will like it that way, when they can charge American taxpayers billions more in higher interest rates, but are they working in the best interests of America?  Do those who hate government, fail at actually governing?

How much do special interests pay, to buy our politicians?



Who will benefit from higher interest rates on American taxpayers when fiscally reckless Republicans damage our credit through grandstanding? Photo credit:

July 2011