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Why is Jordyan Carroll in Jail?

by TBird

She’s the California surf at sunset, by way of an Alabama moon.  American as Apple Pie.  The girl who helps others and rallies to free those in need.  Only 19 years old, fighting for justice the way only the young and idealistic can.

And she is currently serving more time in jail for protesting the murder of Kelly Thomas – than those who killed him.

Jordyann Carroll flashes a peace sign at her high school graduation.

Jordyan Carroll flashes a peace sign at high school graduation.

Kelly Thomas’ murder has rocked the sleepy suburban town of Fullerton.  Thomas, a mentally challenged, unarmed homeless man pled for his life as police officers beat him – to death.  He can be seen on video calling out for his father, begging them to stop, to no avail.

Beaten to Death by the Fullerton Police Dept.

Beaten to Death by the Fullerton Police Dept.


Shocked by this tragedy, Jordyan Carroll, like many others, took to the streets in protest.  According to Ms. Carroll, it was during one of these protests, that a News Reporter shoved Ms. Carroll.  Carroll shoved back. A scuffle ensued.  No one was seriously injured.  Somehow however, the City of Fullerton pressed charges against Ms. Carroll and sentenced her to jail.


Being handcuffed and taken to jail, last week.
Being handcuffed and taken to jail, last week.

A college student and skydiving enthusiast, Ms. Carroll had no prior record.  She came to California two years ago, from Alabama.  Plunked down in the middle of a thriving protest movement in Orange County, she learned the hard way about corruption and city politics.  She was not a danger to society, nor did she pose any threat to anyone.  The reporter who picked a fight with her was not injured and there were no crimes committed.  Yet they locked up this teenager, while their own killer cops walk free?


What is wrong with the City of Fullerton that they would allow this?  First the murder of Kelly Thomas.  Then the whitewash of the murder and those who did it, go free.  Now those who stand up against this injustice – intimidated and manipulated by trumped up charges, pressed into plea bargains and serving time – for…what exactly?  To be made into an example? To be used for political purpose? To send a message to other protesters?

Allowing your out of control cops to beat and kill the helpless is a dereliction of your duty.  Sending this girl to a dangerous place like jail for a frivolous charge just so you can make a political statement is also a dereliction of your duty.  We are watching you, City of Fullerton.



Jordyan Carroll in California.

Beautiful Jordyan.  Photo by Igmar Rodas



Graduation Day.




May 2014

The Long Shadow of Johnny Cash

by TBird


We all stand in it, whether we know it or not.  His fierce independence, fiery will and strong voice stood strong for every man, and no one.  Never pretended to be any different, than who he was, yet it was his sameness that stood for us all.  Wild, rebellious and free, he spoke his mind and stood his ground.  He’d been an outlaw and bad boy, yet loved deeper than most have ever known, and had seen pain far beyond most of our comprehension. Continue Reading…

February 2012

Defense Industry Bringing The War Home?

by Rabble Rouser

How Long Will The American People Let Corporate Tyrants Own Their Government? photo:

Tick tock people – time to wake up.  There are chilling things that could be happening this very minute.  Our president is poised to sign a document that shreds our Bill of Rights.  Here I thought I voted for a Constitutional Scholar.  I thought he’d protect our rights, not sign them away.  He will be losing the coveted Independent Vote with a stupid move like this.  He will lose the votes of all those starry eyed liberals who voted for him thinking he could perform miracles.  He will only be licking the boot heels of the Republicans, who wrote this assault upon the American Citizen, and who have declared war against him anyway.   What a stupid move, Mr. President.  Your “note” attached will not save you.

What is happening to America, folks?

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December 2011

Free Assembly.

by TBird

People have the right, in America, to free assembly.  Without being pepper sprayed.

Women who are cordoned off in peaceful protest, are shot in the eye with pepper spray by the NYPD. This is America, remember? We have the right to peaceful assembly. photo:

October 2011