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War on Mom n’ Pop?

by TBird

“The President signed this assault on our Bill of Rights on New Year’s Eve, 2011. Those who still believe in him think he’s being blackmailed by world financiers, skeptics think he’s sold out. Whatever you think, it reeks with the odor of lobby. It really is a shame that for all his smarts, he’s letting his advisors lead him around by the nose. Tsk, Tsk, Mr. President. I really did think more of you. Sad to see you basically just declare war upon the American Citizenry and declare America a “battleground” where mom and pop will now have to endure jacked up military dudes showing up in riot gear to check out granny’s save the whale posts. Yeah? Greenpeace is now a terrorist group? Who knew? Granny, there’s some dudes here to see you.

Granny takes one long look at them and says ‘how much is that gear costing me, dudes?’  ”  – Rabble Rouser 


January 2012

Defense Industry Bringing The War Home?

by Rabble Rouser

How Long Will The American People Let Corporate Tyrants Own Their Government? photo:

Tick tock people – time to wake up.  There are chilling things that could be happening this very minute.  Our president is poised to sign a document that shreds our Bill of Rights.  Here I thought I voted for a Constitutional Scholar.  I thought he’d protect our rights, not sign them away.  He will be losing the coveted Independent Vote with a stupid move like this.  He will lose the votes of all those starry eyed liberals who voted for him thinking he could perform miracles.  He will only be licking the boot heels of the Republicans, who wrote this assault upon the American Citizen, and who have declared war against him anyway.   What a stupid move, Mr. President.  Your “note” attached will not save you.

What is happening to America, folks?

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December 2011

America – Land of The Free?

by Rabble Rouser

Home of the Brave?

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

Take a look at the nonchalant stance of this cop.  Does this look free?  No.  Brave?  Nope.

From New York, to Oakland.  Cities and police all across America, are abusing their power.

Nonchalant Pepper Spraying of blinding pepper spray on UC Davis students.

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November 2011

“Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…”

by TBird

Today is the day they’re talking about.  Guy Fawkes day.   The Fifth of November.   Why is that such a big deal?  Who is Guy Fawkes?

I, being perhaps the last one on the interwebz who had not seen V. For Vendetta, finally watched it tonight.  Figured I’d at least see what all the fuss was about.

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November 2011

Occupy The Vote.

by Rabble Rouser


NYPD officer cops a feel, while brutalizing a woman half his size. Photo:

The world is watching, as cable news proves how irrelevant they are as a “news” source.

It’s all over the internet.

Do not let them silence your voice.  Do not let them silence your vote.  It is the only thing we have that is more powerful than all of them.

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September 2011

Monopolies, Market Manipulation & Anarchy, oh my!

by TBird

First, for anyone who wants to call themselves a “free market” person, let’s get one thing straight – a manipulated market, is not a free market.  A monopoly, or even a cartel that monopolizes and manipulates the market, is not a free market.  Second, for anyone who wants to pretend they stand for liberty, while actually advocating anarchy and no rules – it is our right to vote on a set of rules we all live by, that separates the self governing Free State from the arbitrary rule of the King’s Slave State.

Let’s get something else straight while we’re at it – rules and regulations that are put in place to protect consumers, taxpayers and ratepayers are there for a reason.  Usually, because someone got hurt.  Badly.  There was a reason they enacted the Glass-Steagall regulations that protected Main Street from Wall Street’s gambling addiction.  After they tore it down, big surprise, the same swindlers who crashed the economy the first time and caused the Great Depression, were at it again.

The only reason we’re not suffering another Great Depression, is because of some more fancy dancing on Wall Street, that still isn’t clear to most of us, and they’re fighting like hell to keep Elizabeth Warren’s watchful eye out of it.  As Wall Street gets back to it’s old gambling ways, betting all our 401ks on predatory schemes and peddling their bullshit all over again,  we still don’t have Glass-Steagall laws in place, nor have any serious measures been taken to curb the orgy of anarchy on Wall Street that even Alan Greenspan admits didn’t “police itself.”  No.  Greed does not police itself.

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July 2011

Welcome all, to Palomino Road.

by TBird







This wild road twists and shouts, past mustard flowers, sage and rocks, oak, pine, brush, and pink skies, tracking the wisdom and wit of libertines, misfits and rabble rousers.  At some point, it reaches the blue, blue ocean.  Beyond the horizon, is anyone’s guess.  If we rise high like that Palomino, rearing up at both corners, will we get a glimpse of the other side?

No one really knows, of course.  Nothing is certain, but our own ignorance of the unknown.  We seek, we learn, we guess or we take other’s word for it.   Whether you gallop, trot, walk along in peaceful leisure, or stop, drop and rest in some quiet corner, there are places along the road to take refuge.  Watch for tumbleweeds, little streams and wild things.
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June 2011