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Chicken Hawk Squawk & The War Profiteer Boogie.

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Face Palm. Image: "Lady Liberty is Crying,"

Dear President Obama, and any other Democrat in office, who thinks “bipartisan” means caving in to hysterical Republican demands and giving away the farm, for a few measly overdue bits of scraps.

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July 2013

Playing Chicken with America

by TBird


The GOP’s latest game of chicken regarding the debt ceiling is hailed as a solution to our debt, but would result in billions upon billions more we’d have to pay in extra interest charges.  It’s reckless, ridiculous and dangerous for our country.  Why aren’t more people calling them out, for endangering our country this way?  They’re acting like that deadbeat friend who asks you to cosign for something, then ditches out on the debt and leaves you with bad credit.  It’s sickening to watch them fall over themselves to hand out tax breaks and bloated corporate welfare, while punishing the middle class and the entire nation with their hysterical and irrational debt dance that even they admit is all just for show.  In their zeal, do they understand they’re hurting us all?  Fiscal responsibility is more than just curbing spending, it’s also being a good steward to our country, honoring our debts, and protecting our credit rating.

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July 2011