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The World Goes Quiet

by TBird

photo: luciole_press

While vacationing down Palomino Road, a voice that used to light up the sky on a daily basis, went out.  The world went quiet on his passing.   Continue Reading…

September 2011

Adventure in a Sea of Prufrock.

by TBird

“Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda – and woke up with me.” Rita Hayworth. photo:

Summer’s in full swing.  Don’t blink, or it might go by.  Much to see, do, so many counting on you.  Hard to get away, even for a day.  Funny how some of us still think of those three odd months as a time to go a little crazy.  Adventure waits around the corner between now and then.  The night can whisper by unnoticed, or rage on, wildfires set ablaze in waves.

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August 2011