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Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?

by Rabble Rouser

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?  Did the wars make us more secure?  Some argue, it has actually made us less safe.

"The woman who sent a picture of American caskets from Iraq that ran in the Seattle Times (and was then spread around the Web) got fired for it. During the Bush/Cheney regime, the public were not allowed to see the horrors of war." via: The Memory Hole

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November 2012

Divided, Not Yet Conquered.

by TBird

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Gaius Julius Caesar coined the phrase “divide et impera,” – divide and conquer – and used it to defeat the Gauls.   Do you want to be conquered?  While we on the left and right are busy fighting amongst ourselves about wedge issues, those who seek to conquer and control this country are running your government and taking its spoils for themselves.  Time to wake up and smell the Citizenry.  If roughly half of the eligible voters in this country register, and only roughly half of those who register bother to vote, then who’s running the country?

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July 2011