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Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

by BombshellBetty

Employers Use Obamacare as an Excuse to deny workers health care and even cut hours, to avoid paying for health care. Some turn around and spend it on free pizzas for a football team, so maybe they can afford it?.

Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

House Republicans are wasting a lot of taxpayer money grandstanding to fight Obamacare, even willing to “shut down the government” over it. They’d like us all to think it’s some commie liberal plan to give us all free health care. No, that would have been the “public option” which I would much rather have had than this privatized bullshit that was written by insurance companies and basically is the same as we have now with the HMO deciding what’s covered and what is not.  Big surprise the sellout Democrat who wrote this shit with the insurance and pharma co’s  left office?  Rotten privatized bullshit and they want to pretend it’s socialism, when really, it’s a strange hybrid of fascist socialism where it’s socialism for corporations and capitalism for the rest of us.   They’re busting our unions and sending the middle class onto the dole, now they want to blame poor people for our debt?

Those who opposed Social Security and Medicare were not able to get rid of it politically, so they found ways to profit off those programs and it has turned into a multi headed beast that is bankrupting our treasury as even luxury items are “Voucher billed.”

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September 2013

Occupy The Vote.

by Rabble Rouser


NYPD officer cops a feel, while brutalizing a woman half his size. Photo:

The world is watching, as cable news proves how irrelevant they are as a “news” source.

It’s all over the internet.

Do not let them silence your voice.  Do not let them silence your vote.  It is the only thing we have that is more powerful than all of them.

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September 2011

“Madcap” Legislators, Wall St. Casino.

by Rabble Rouser

"Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since ... "


Guess it’s time for the market to take a dip.  Are short sellers lighting cigars somewhere?  All it takes is a hush, a whisper and a false report, to bring down an entire company overnight.  Yes, because regulators are so intent on pleasing their corporate masters, they threaten to plunge America into default, rather than bite the hand that feeds them.

Yes.  The boom and busting bubble market will always pop and go down.  Those who are hoarding cash will go shopping for the low, low price of whatever they decide to plunge the price down to.  If you’ve already got investments, hold on.  The roller coaster usually comes on the heels of political news, so it’s not surprising to see it happening now.

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August 2011