“Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…”

by TBird


Today is the day they’re talking about.  Guy Fawkes day.   The Fifth of November.   Why is that such a big deal?  Who is Guy Fawkes?

I, being perhaps the last one on the interwebz who had not seen V. For Vendetta, finally watched it tonight.  Figured I’d at least see what all the fuss was about.

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November 2011

Cardboard Revolution

by Rabble Rouser

It’s not pitchfoks and shovels, this time.

The Trouble with Traitors: French Revolution Events history.howstuffworks.com

It’s cardboard.

Photo: Lisa Derrick, La Figa.

What started as a ragtag bunch of peaceful protesters on Wall Street, has now blossomed into a worldwide Occupy Movement.  When people around the world started to see the peaceful assembly being attacked and peaceful, unarmed protesters being brutalized by “public servants” who are supposed to “serve and protect” them, more and more supported them.  Veterans showed up, to help protect them.  A worldwide movement is now in full swing, with countries as far away as both Egypt and Israel, marching in solidarity with U.S. protesters who have been brutalized beyond belief.

One such protester, US Marine Scott Olsen, survived two tours in Iraq, only to come home and get hit in the head by an Oakland Police “projectile” and suffered brain injury to the speech center of his brain.  His crime?  Simply peacefully assembling.  He is said to have “provoked no one” and footage of the incident shows there was no cause for police to abuse their power so forcefully that night.

Scott Olsen. 24 Year old U.S. Marine, survived two tours in Iraq. Shot in the head by Oakland Police for Peaceful Assembly. Photo: copblock.org

Think about that one for a minute. Injured like this.  Suffering brain damage to the speech center of his brain.

A two tour veteran of the United States.  Literally silencing his speech.  Simply for standing up for his right to free speech.

It’s enough to leave anyone speechless.

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November 2011

Free Assembly.

by TBird

People have the right, in America, to free assembly.  Without being pepper sprayed.

Women who are cordoned off in peaceful protest, are shot in the eye with pepper spray by the NYPD. This is America, remember? We have the right to peaceful assembly. photo: buzzfeed.com

October 2011

Occupy The Vote.

by Rabble Rouser


NYPD officer cops a feel, while brutalizing a woman half his size. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

The world is watching, as cable news proves how irrelevant they are as a “news” source.

It’s all over the internet.

Do not let them silence your voice.  Do not let them silence your vote.  It is the only thing we have that is more powerful than all of them.

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September 2011

The World Goes Quiet

by TBird

photo: luciole_press

While vacationing down Palomino Road, a voice that used to light up the sky on a daily basis, went out.  The world went quiet on his passing.   Continue Reading…

September 2011

Can switching toilet paper and swearing off Dixie cups save the U.S.A.?

by Constant Rita

photo: djpostl.wordpress.com

It couldn’t hurt.

These brands are manufactured by Georgia-Pacific, owned by Koch Industries.  I haven’t considered buying Brawny or Angel Soft for many years – since recycled paper products appeared on the shelves.  My personal boycott had nothing to do with oil-industry billionaires Charles and David Koch, whose leviathan energy conglomerate purchased Georgia-Pacific in December, 2005.  Frankly, I’d never heard of the Koch brothers before they were revealed as the Tea Party’s financial backers.

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August 2011