America’s Police Brutality Blotter: How Your Disney Dream Vacation Could Become A Nightmare.

by BombshellBetty

Anaheim Police Take Aim at Unarmed Civilians.

The Mayor of Anaheim has a problem.  First a police attack dog unleashed on women and children, then like a dog
with a taste for blood, Anaheim police have killed an unarmed civilian - again. This time, just miles from
Disneyland. Eight killings just this year.  The first victim this last weekend, twenty-something Manuel Diaz,
reportedly shot in the back of the head and left to gasp for breath on the ground.  Pronounced
dead on arrival at the hospital.  24 hours later, on Sunday, a second man, reportedly shot - "execution style"
in the back, according to new reports that the family has filed a lawsuit. Continue Reading...
July 2012

If Freedom Of Speech is a “Belligerent Act,” Then We Are All A Belligerent Act.

by Rabble Rouser

We endorse the campaign to Stop the NDAA.

bel•lig•er•ent   | bəˈlijərənt |
hostile and aggressive: a bull-necked, belligerent old man.
• engaged in a war or conflict, as recognized by international law.


On December 31st 2011, US President Barack Obama signed into law theNational Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). The Act was passed in the House of Representatives on May 26, 2011 by a vote of 322 to96The Act was passed in the Senate on December 15, 2011 by a vote of 86to 13. Below is an excerpt from the Act, the wording of which makes it legal to incarcerate United States citizens without recourse to any form of judicial process. Essentially these words say that if the government deems any person to have committed a “belligerent act” that person can be detained indefinitely without trial. Continue Reading…

April 2012

Boycott Power

by BombshellBetty

Photo: Pinups For Justice


As Rush Limbaugh’s sweaty, red faced corporate sponsors found out in a hurry, don’t piss off the sluts.  Dropped like a hot potato, Rush is left to scramble around back peddling and mincing his way through the misogynistic hellhole he’s dug for himself.  The Emperor, it seems, has no clothes.  As dittoheads try to wrap their brains around how to justify his behavior, like any abuser, they out themselves.  All we sluts have to do, is sit back and watch the show.  And pass the popcorn.

So now, we have a triangulation of scandal, sex, and boycott – just enough – for We, The People to maybe get it?  There is power in the boycott.  There is history, in the boycott.  We vote with our wallets.  It’s really the only language those who value money over people understand.

Montgomery Bus Boycott,

So let’s fight fire, with fire.

Boycott Power.  Boycott Greed.  Especially dirty power.  Boycott those who think they are above others, who think it’s okay to abuse others.   To pollute our water, our air, and think nothing of crashing our economy overnight.   Just ask Greece or Ireland. Continue Reading…

April 2012

Occupy Reason

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Leading the People (Detail) 1. Eugene Delacroix.

Back in the ’60’s, there was an awakening about war and other social issues, like what’s happening now, only they had more of a Free Press, and actual war reporting rather than just “embedded” press agents.   How is the average person’s story told today?  How are our voices heard?  How do we find out what’s going on?

Cost of War.

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March 2012

The Long Shadow of Johnny Cash

by TBird


We all stand in it, whether we know it or not.  His fierce independence, fiery will and strong voice stood strong for every man, and no one.  Never pretended to be any different, than who he was, yet it was his sameness that stood for us all.  Wild, rebellious and free, he spoke his mind and stood his ground.  He’d been an outlaw and bad boy, yet loved deeper than most have ever known, and had seen pain far beyond most of our comprehension. Continue Reading…

February 2012

Greedy Crybabies, Take Two.

by Rabble Rouser

It seems the entertainment industry is “uncomfortable with the internet.”  They don’t like people freely sharing entertainment?  They sound like a bunch of crybabies, just like the Wall Street dudes in diapers we highlighted earlier.  I find it hard to have sympathy for their whining, when the people they want to penalize are the end user, the people who enjoy and buy their products, rather than those who are making a buck off those same users, who are sharing those products.

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January 2012