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Occupy The Vote.

by Rabble Rouser


NYPD officer cops a feel, while brutalizing a woman half his size. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

The world is watching, as cable news proves how irrelevant they are as a “news” source.

It’s all over the internet.

Do not let them silence your voice.  Do not let them silence your vote.  It is the only thing we have that is more powerful than all of them.

Protests have spread from Occupy Wall Street to all across the country.   While we are not all able to march with the protesters on Wall Street these past two weeks, the rest of us in the 99 percent of the country are watching, and we are a large voting block.  We are fed up.  We are fed up with fake Tea Party protests that march for insurance companies and banks while pretending they hate the bailouts.  We are sick of the crap that comes out of the press release meat grinder in TV news.

We are watching and we will be ready with our voter registration, and our vote.

NYPD Officer fires searing pepper spray at peaceful protesters. Finally under investigation. buzzfeed.com

We are witnessing the way you’re trying to silence those you disagree with.  We will not fall to the Jim Crow tactics that have seen a revival, nor will we abide by the voter suppression efforts.  We will fight back.  With our voices.  With words.  With protest.  With encampments.  Our minds.  With poetry.  With art.  Our will.  Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy  or fast.  We are in this for the long haul, and you cannot silence us.  Deal with it.

Peaceful protester being slammed to the concrete for protesting. via buzzfeed.com

While we can’t all be marching on Wall Street, many of us sit at our kitchen table and watch the major events taking place on Wall Street and we’re wondering – why isn’t CNN covering this?  Why isn’t MSNBC?  Where is the “news” about what’s happening right outside their door?

They will not be able to hide from it forever.  Our voices, both on the street and in the voting booth will overcome.  We will vote money out of politics. We, The People, own our government, not Wall Street, not banks, or any other entity, as our Founders intended.  Democracy will be restored.  It’s not going to come easy and the gravy train ain’t gonna be easy to stop, but it can be done, if we recognize the power of the American Citizen and flex our muscle in the voting booth.  Corporations still do not have the right to vote.   People do.


Before they are able to pretend they’re that much of a “person” that they can mark that ballot, you – American Citizen – are in charge.  The entire world looks to you, for leadership.

We have the power to fire them all tomorrow.  Ban money from politics.  With just our vote.

No reason why each candidate can’t have a shoestring blog like this one, where they can post their platform.  We read it, we see who supports, who opposes, we make our own decisions.  We vote.  End of story.  No more TV propaganda.  Or swiftboat bullshit.  Just make sure you’ve got a paper ballot, that can be properly counted. 

Nothing will change unless we end the buying of our democracy and simply end the buying of our “representatives,” who are more concerned representing their corporate owners than they are the American Citizen.  It is going to be up to We, The People.


Occupy Los Angeles.  Occupy San Francisco.  Occupy Boston.  Most major cities are planning protests and I like that it’s a long term protest.  Protesters are setting up camps, determined to stay for months.  We, The People are going to make Washington and the News Media that’s not such a free press any more, take notice.  You cannot silence the voice of the people.  No matter how many kids are beaten up or pepper sprayed, you will not be able to silence them.  Oppressing them or pretending they don’t exist, only makes more of us unite with them.

We are sharing on facebook.  We are re-tweeting their tweets.  We are sharing with the world what is happening, even if the pretty lady on CNN reading the press releases continues to pretend it’s not happening, or that it’s happening because of the “the bailouts” and “the troy execution.”   While those are both worthy things to protest, this is far bigger than simply “the bailouts.”

Pilots join the Occupy Wall Street protest.

The kettle is boiling over.  America is waking up.  Pilots came out to join forces, now unions are preparing to march with protesters on Wall Street.  More and more people will unite and the message is going to become crystal clear very soon.  People are sick and tired of the banks running this country.  The world.  Bringing down entire countries by destabilizing their economy.  Owning our politicians, who then use our tax dollars to bail them out.  What did we get in return?  A failing economy and stingy “job creators” who are more intent on slave labor than creating jobs?  Who would rather hoarde money than lend it to even the most credit worthy small business, who are the real job creators?  The jig, is finally up.  It is time to end financial contributions to our “representatives” who don’t understand what representation means anymore.  Hint – it’s We, The People.  Not We, The Multinational Corporations who Have No Loyalty to The U.S.

Taxation without Representation anyone?

Who will benefit from higher interest rates on American taxpayers when fiscally reckless Republicans damage our credit through grandstanding? Photo credit: opensecrets.org

The Tea Party protests “the bailouts” yet I don’t see them marching to reform Wall Street so that we never have to bail them out again, nor do I see them marching to end the corruption, dark markets, short selling, speculating and casino market that caused the crash in the first place.  Maybe this is why.

No, I don’t see the Tea Party giving a flying rat’s ass about bringing back Glass Steagall regulations.  In fact, they’re marching for people who helped tear it down so that crooks could rob people willy nilly again.

Would this happen to a Tea Partier? photo via buzzfeed.com

See, throughout history, when the gap between rich and poor got so great the burden was too much to bear, those in charge eventually faced revolution.  The smug Wall Street crowd that was smirking at the protesters are lucky we don’t live in Marie Antoinette’s day, as the people are most definitely tired of eating cake.


Those who masquerade as “Libertarians” yet want Anarchy, don’t understand how we got Liberty.  We earned it, by eating cake and suffering under Plutocracies of the past.  We are supposed to be a different kind of country, governed by We, The People.  The way it works is, we all vote on a set of rules, and as long as we live within those rules, we are free.  No more are we ruled by the arbitrary rule and whim of the King in the Slave State.  So, it is our rules, that separate the Free State, from the Slave State.

“Liberty, without Responsibility, is just Anarchy.” – Yakey.

Some would like to forget about the “Responsibility” part and it’s every man for himself and Ayn Rand’s fantasy of living like a selfish 12 year old girl didn’t pan out so well for her, as she ended up on both Social Security and Medicare in the end.  We have a social responsibility, to care about what happens to our elderly.  Domestic Tranquility, for one.  Because we have seen what happens, when we don’t.  My grandmother well into her 90s told me that old people jumped to their death in NYC during the Great Depression, rather than be a burden on their family.  Do we want to go back to those barbaric days of robber barons and casino gambling on Wall Street that thrives on crashing economies?  I don’t think so.

Some would like us to return to a slave state and fight to retain slave labor in other countries so they can outsource more Americans.  As the middle class is forced on the dole because of the rampant outsourcing, foreclosing, falsly inflated rates on everything from fuel to insurance, housing and banking, now they’re trying to blame it on the dole.  Our economy was buzzing under Clinton’s tax rates, and more people were working, so how did tax cuts for the rich help create jobs?  Didn’t it do just the opposite?

So get up, stand up.  Stand up for your rights.  Get up stand up.  Don’t give up the fight.

Liberty Leading The People. Delacroix.





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September 2011

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  1. Sasha Stone says:

    Palomino Road rocks!!!

  2. Rabble Rouser says:

    fanks for reading! c:

    even if we aren’t out marching yet, we can share it, tweet it, blog it, send it.

    We can help by getting the word out and showing support. It’s exciting to witness this awakening. Now it’s time to understand the power of our vote. We need to vote money out of politics. That’s really the only way out.

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