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Limp Investing

by Rabble Rouser


So much about how “anxious” the market is, you’d think investors were toddlers.  Smart investments abound, yet for some reason, those hoardingmost of the cash are squeamish about investing in small business.  As if we all need to cater and coddle them, coax them into investing in a country that has a track record for innovation and entrepreneurs.

Interesting, when it comes to  babying those you want money from, Wall Street doesn’t appear to have the same respect for Main Street, as they yank up interest rates or ratchet up the price of living from gas to wheat with shady deals and wild speculation.  Ironic, that we have to baby them and plead with them to invest in American jobs, as they bend us over a barrel in any economic way they can.  Boom, bubble, bust.

What are the incentives, to create jobs here in America?  Seems like the incentives are more geared toward corporate welfare and separating America from its wealth these days.

Where did all the TARP money go?  Pay off some bad gambling debts?  Did the casino go bust?  Why are the big banks hoarding the money and not loaning to small business?  Isn’t it small business that creates jobs?  Why are so many intent on shutting down jobs projects, like high speed rail?


Working people, spending money and reviving businesses along their route, create more jobs and keep more small business doors open.  All this talk about babying investors and giving them more incentives to screw America, is just wimping out on our duty to protect and serve this country that we all pretend to love so much.

A monopoly, or manipulated market, is not a free market.

“Liberty without Responsibility, is Simply Anarchy.” – W. Yakey

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August 2011

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