Social Network Solitaire

by Guest-a-Go-Go

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So the question arises, about Google+ vs. Facebook.  Why aren’t they all stampeding over there?  Gee, don’t we want an alternative to facebook – any – alternative?   Or will we continue to use facebook because that’s what we know and that’s where our friends are?   I signed up with Google+.  What the hell.  Gave them my gmail.  Put up a picture and a fun screen name.

Like magic, my business gmail address suddenly transforms into Google+ and there are no more boundaries of privacy.  My face and cute screen name appear on my email address, they invade my address book and contact list and ask if I want to invite my clients to join me on Google+.  No, I don’t.  I have to delete the entire Google+ account just to get rid of the screen name, which is still there, and I’m annoyed as hell that I still can’t figure out how to get it off my outgoing emails.

photo: softzilla

Is Google+ any better than facebook?  Or, are they also out to harvestevery bit of our private life they can?  I’m sick of it, frankly, but I’m a creature of habit and until I can find another watering hole, all my old buddies are still on facebook.  Google+ had a bunch of family and friends, but they’re also on facebook, so why do I need to visit them on Google+ too?  Sigh.  I wish there was an actual alternative.  Less invasive, more socially tolerable.

illustration/photo: http://xkcd.com

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August 2011

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