Hide The Porn.

by Mike729

Teavangelical Nightmare

Conservative? No. Theocratic nightmare? Uh, yeah. Many of us reasonable folk ask, how are these people even being considered for the Presidency?  C’mon, we need to create a 21st century economy and create living-wage jobs in this country and Bachmann wants to invade your bedroom and burn your porn.  Jobs will magically appear if you keep your hands off your privates and give your heart to Jesus.

Equally backward Rick Perry, is organizing mass prayer vigils to bring rain and beseach the Almighty to step in and save our country.  Apparently from the demonic hordes of the unemployed, elderly and disabled who are signed onto the Devil’s entitlement programs.

Well in the interest of science, or perhaps boredom, researchers took a look and not surprisingly, “found that perceptions of decreased government stability led to increased beliefs in a controlling God.  Conversely, beliefs in an interventionist God diminished with perceptions of a stable government.”

Could we be on the brink of a Theocracy?  Ushered in by the perfect storm of a hurting economy and Christian group-think?  While I choose to think that they don’t stand a chance, part of my brain is whispering, “hide the porn.”


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August 2011

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