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Adventure in a Sea of Prufrock.

by TBird

“Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda – and woke up with me.” Rita Hayworth. photo: carnegiestout.blogspot.com

Summer’s in full swing.  Don’t blink, or it might go by.  Much to see, do, so many counting on you.  Hard to get away, even for a day.  Funny how some of us still think of those three odd months as a time to go a little crazy.  Adventure waits around the corner between now and then.  The night can whisper by unnoticed, or rage on, wildfires set ablaze in waves.

The Kiss, by Auguste Rodin

The Kiss, by Auguste Rodin

The heat is sometimes too much to bear.  Dunk your head in cool water.   Splash it on your face.  Cool down, slow, enough to let the summer wash over you and fill your pores with experience.  The wind wants you.  Its music pushes you out of your chair.  To follow its red balloon, past streetlights where no one else goes.  Past the hearth no one warms in.  Over rivers and valleys and streams clean enough to drink, yet left untouched.  Until it rests on your shoulder and cries.  Soft, subtle and full.

Calm waters rest alone, content in clarity.  Look to the sky, for someone to jump in, dive down to you. Upset your waters.  Stay underwater long enough that coming up for air seems another world.

Socrates said that it’s the man who thinks he knows everything, that doesn’t.  Anyone’s guess is as good as yours, about where to go next.  So jump in.  Waters will be jostled, waves may build and crash, flying outside your comfort zone and plunked smack dab in the middle of mayhem adds character.  You’ll learn as you go, and look back fondly.  J. Alfred didn’t bite that peach.  It’s juicy, it’s messy, and it takes some guts.  Breathe in as much air as you can.  Hold on tight.  It’s over before you know it.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” – Thoreau

Il Postino. photo: listal.com


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August 2011

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