“Madcap” Legislators, Wall St. Casino.

by Rabble Rouser

"Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since ... " charlesgoyette.com


Guess it’s time for the market to take a dip.  Are short sellers lighting cigars somewhere?  All it takes is a hush, a whisper and a false report, to bring down an entire company overnight.  Yes, because regulators are so intent on pleasing their corporate masters, they threaten to plunge America into default, rather than bite the hand that feeds them.

Yes.  The boom and busting bubble market will always pop and go down.  Those who are hoarding cash will go shopping for the low, low price of whatever they decide to plunge the price down to.  If you’ve already got investments, hold on.  The roller coaster usually comes on the heels of political news, so it’s not surprising to see it happening now.

Trouble is, the squeeze put on average Americans is at times unbearable.  The price of essentials like gas are ratcheted up to crisis levels.  Commodity speculation causes mass unrest and starvation all over the world.  For political gain as well as profit?  Do they, as they so eagerly report in this story, think Obama’s popularity is tied to gas prices?  Do they honestly think we buy that it’s his fault and not the market manipulator’s fault?

Market manipulation comes in waves and what goes down, will eventually come back up.  Unless of course, all the whisperings and stupidity of those who play with fire and threaten economic calamity upon our nation end up hurting our reputation anyway.  Who is going to slap them silly?  Who will tell them, eventually, your policies are going bake America to a crisp.  Democrats.  You are not helping.  Selling out just means we have less choices when we look to you for an alternative.

China called our political circus over the debt in Washington “madcap,” and Wall Street rages on with all kinds of ways to bankrupt us all.  Isn’t part of government’s job, oversight?

My grandpa told me, before he died “the only thing worth putting your money into is land or gold.  The only money you invest in the stock market is money you don’t mind seeing crash.”

Choosing land, I’ve watched the stock market go up and down.  I am grateful I never fell for any predatory scheme designed to redistribute my property to the banks, as so many fell prey to in the last decade or so.  A few stocks which will remain constant.  Trouble is, the market can take a turn based on manipulations, short selling, and any number of shadowy markets that rig the market for political manipulation and profit.  We all fall, but they rake in a bundle.  A rigged and manipulated market is not a free market.

Liberty, does not mean Anarchy.

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August 2011

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