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The Beat Goes On.

by TBird

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If, as one Greek philosopher put it, the world is always in a state of flux, or change, then what is one to hold on to, when the seas are shifting, and sands blow in different directions? Keep trudging along forward, I suppose.  Your own motion, steadily, toward your target.  You’ll find adventure along the way, which is where most of the fun is.  On the side of the road, up a road you never meant to go down, or in the back roads you never knew about.“The end of the road gets more and more narrow, so follow as many roads as can take you, before you get to the end,” she said. 

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So it is, we trudge along, wading through high water.  Sitting sometimes, still.  Watching ships or back door slips, finding luck where we can, dodging trouble on the road… Many succumb.  Sudden mishaps, wayward impulse. With luck, solid determination, and anything else that gets thrown up on the wall, and sticks.  Wherever it comes from, we are left with a body of work that inspired not just its own generation but decades of generations.  Degenerate rock stars perhaps, but contributors, nonetheless.
So we look to our generation now – who will say anything meaningful? Who will make sense of the purported apocalyptic visions of those who believe in that sort of stuff? Who will tell us, it’s okay.  That somehow, somewhere, we do have the power.  To change, to fight, to right this ship.

We’ll get our groove back, people. Surging forward , ready or not.  The beat goes on.  We can let it go by, or we can ride it as far as it’ll go.  Left, right and center – we all deserve a voice, and free speech should not mean those who have the most money get the most free speech.  Are we not all supposed to be created equal in America?  There are no kings, here, or at least, there aren’t supposed to be.

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August 2011

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