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No matter your political bent, what we spend our money on in this country is – or should be – important to all taxpayers. Politicians, lately, all seem to make their claims under the banner of  “the American People” want this, and won’t stand for that, all really to sell us on their agenda, usually bought and paid for by those that financed their campaign. Certainly, the “will of the people” should be what all elected officials work to implement, but it isn’t happening now.

What are the People’s priorities? What do we want to spend our money on?

Republicans rail against government spending  and hold up “The Big Three” – Social Security, MediCare, and MediCaid, as programs that need reform. The latest polling shows anywhere from 70% to 80% of people in this country, do not want any changes to these programs. Ask any working-class person person if they wish to work well into their 70’s or longer because we cut spending on SS and MediCare and they’ll tell ya, no. Hell no, in fact.  Ask them if they want their tax dollars funding these programs so they can have a little security, or if spending our dollars to enrich corrupt defense contractors, provide subsidies to already profitable businesses, and rebuild the infra-structure of Afghanistan is a better idea.

I for one, don’t want to see a future where the elderly and disabled are dumpster-diving for aluminum cans to be able to put food on the table, where access to healthcare is decided by the size of your wallet. What most Americans feel we should spend our money on is lost in the smokescreen put up by politicians and diminished in corporate cable news. What’s important to you? Get in the game, put your two-cents in and make your voice heard.

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July 2011

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    Thanks Mike, well said!

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