Monopolies, Market Manipulation & Anarchy, oh my!

by TBird

First, for anyone who wants to call themselves a “free market” person, let’s get one thing straight – a manipulated market, is not a free market.  A monopoly, or even a cartel that monopolizes and manipulates the market, is not a free market.  Second, for anyone who wants to pretend they stand for liberty, while actually advocating anarchy and no rules – it is our right to vote on a set of rules we all live by, that separates the self governing Free State from the arbitrary rule of the King’s Slave State.

Let’s get something else straight while we’re at it – rules and regulations that are put in place to protect consumers, taxpayers and ratepayers are there for a reason.  Usually, because someone got hurt.  Badly.  There was a reason they enacted the Glass-Steagall regulations that protected Main Street from Wall Street’s gambling addiction.  After they tore it down, big surprise, the same swindlers who crashed the economy the first time and caused the Great Depression, were at it again.

The only reason we’re not suffering another Great Depression, is because of some more fancy dancing on Wall Street, that still isn’t clear to most of us, and they’re fighting like hell to keep Elizabeth Warren’s watchful eye out of it.  As Wall Street gets back to it’s old gambling ways, betting all our 401ks on predatory schemes and peddling their bullshit all over again,  we still don’t have Glass-Steagall laws in place, nor have any serious measures been taken to curb the orgy of anarchy on Wall Street that even Alan Greenspan admits didn’t “police itself.”  No.  Greed does not police itself.

I suppose, since congress, the office of the president, and the Supreme Court is apparently bought off by Wall Street, they won’t be the ones to spearhead any real change in the way Wall Street and big multinational corporations with no loyalty to the U.S. are able to buy off our politicians in this country.  I guess it’s going to be up to We, The People, to get anything done around here.  Hm, let’s see what we’ve got to work with – what’s that? Roughly half of our eligible population even bothers to register to vote, and roughly half of those people manage to make it to the polls? Hm.  My math challenged brain and sorta reckon that that means only maybe a quarter of the people in this country are responsible for choosing our leaders, writing our laws, and deciding what’s going to be illegal and what’s not?  Something is seriously wrong here.  If we are to be a nation that is “self-governing” as our Founding Fathers wrote and intended us to be, we need to take some personal responsibility for our country.  Why should we sit on our hands and refuse to make our voice heard, while the extreme minority rush in to tell us what to do?  I just don’t get it.  Especially when people in some countries are fighting and dying for the right to vote.

In the meantime, I guess the only real hope we have as a country, is when the suffering in this country gets bad enough, that we stand up and say “we’re not gonna take it anymore,” and we demand an end to the buying of our elections.  No more private money allowed in our electoral process.  Period.  No more privatized voting machines, where the state has to go to a private company, just to be able to count the votes.  Privately owned machines that magically elected people even though exit polling showed otherwise, sometimes by running backwards, simple virus hacks that can steal elections, and any number of corrupt goings-on that wouldn’t be possible if we got receipts for our votes and had paper ballots that could actually be counted, over machines that will do the counting for us, and then some.


So, first, we make elections public.  Probably cost maybe a hundred bucks to set up a blog like this one, to post their platform.   TV outlets would have to donate a small amount of space or time to post each candidates platform, in exchange for all the crap they get away with, when they take away our airwaves, that used to belong to We, The People and be free.  Protect and improve libraries, so research is accessible to those who don’t have internet.  We read it, we decide who we agree with most,  and we vote. Done.  No more billion dollar propaganda campaigns, no more bullshit.

Most of all, no more politicians working for their corporate masters, against the interests of We, The People.  No more laws written for industry while the consumer and our country, becomes prey to be used and abused.

That’s really the only way I see out of this, with all three branches of government bought off and answering to a master that doesn’t include the American People.

From energy, to our food source, and attempt to outlaw vitamins or monopolize our seeds, to banking, health care and education, the scams are rampant and the goal is monopoly through market manipulation.  These huge conglomerates that loot our treasury, manipulate our markets, and crash our economy while profiting off our pain, could care less about the health or success of America, and must be stopped.  Who has the guts to stand up to them?  Who will pull back the curtain and reveal the rigged game?


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July 2011

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