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Chicken Hawk Squawk & The War Profiteer Boogie.

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Face Palm. Image: "Lady Liberty is Crying," www.writerscafe.org

Dear President Obama, and any other Democrat in office, who thinks “bipartisan” means caving in to hysterical Republican demands and giving away the farm, for a few measly overdue bits of scraps.

It doesn’t matter how many times you wine and dine the right, they will NEVER like you. You can stop trying so hard, while turning your backs on those who voted for you.  No matter how much you bend over for the right, no matter how many of their unconstitutional laws you sign, they will never vote for you!   They will always pull the rug out and undermine you.  You have the power of a veto.  You know corporate welfare like Keystone Pipeline is not good for the U.S. or We, the People.  You know you shouldn’t be voting for FISA or the “Patriot Act.”  You know your duty is to We, the People.  Not We, the Corporations.   You are a constitutional scholar.  Act like one.

Obama, I know. You want to be their friend. They will never like you. : ) Photo: www.gpb.org

They will continue to trap and undermine you.  The sneering hatred will never stop.

Racism rears its ugly head even during policy speech.  Photo: www.newser.com

How do you want to go down, in history? Bush II?    Corporate Welfare A Go Go with Billion Dollar Drones on Top?

Though Halliburton's Mud Fail is said to have caused the Gulf disaster, they paid only $200,000 U.S. dollars as the "maximum fine" for "destroying evidence." Yes. Only destroying evidence. Justice served? We the People, served? Photo: www.cbsnews.com

Or someone who stood for We, the People?  

Clinton, Gray Davis, and Carter all have one thing in common – they all walked into traps set by The Grand Oil Party.

California is looted for over $40 Billion dollars, by manipulated energy prices. Photo: http://onlineathens.com

It worked.

Like a charm, on everyone except Clinton, who wiggled out of what ended up costing taxpayers millions, faster than you can define the word “is.”

Image: anongallery.org

A major distraction, from what had really gone on, which had been a legislative hijack of banking, energy, infrastructure, and economic policies that We, the People suffer for now.   After they’d gotten rid of banking regulations, energy regulations and were chipping away at the environment, it appeared they were ready to do away with him with a sex scandal.  Clinton, however, was too cuddly to the American Public.  Everyone loved Bubba.

Just one of their scams. There are too many to list. A Manipulated Market is not a Free Market. Image: Zerohedge.com

After FDR, and the way they handled the Plutocrats during the Great Depression, opposing even safety nets for the elderly, the GOP could barely get elected.  They got Ike.  Then he busted them on their war profiteering.   Same Prescott Bush crowd.   Never went away.  So, we went back to a Democrat.   War profiteering continues.

Image: www.theeverythingpages.org

After Ike warned us about the “military industrial complex,” and JFK tried go after the oil companies for royalties to the American People for oil extracted from public lands, JFK was taken out.  Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” worked and Southern Democrats became Republicans.  Somehow, the party of the “fat cats” suddenly became the party of “Joe Six Pac.”  Everything the “salt of the earth” Jimmy Stewart movies railed about, like the Mr. Potters of the world, suddenly “cared” about the middle class and jobs and were pretending they were “compassionate conservatives” now.

Since then, we had only two Democrats – Carter, and Clinton.  After Bubba’s lovability, the GOP brought in their own Bubba – Dubya.  He was the guy we “wanted to have a beer with,” and a “compassionate conservative” so, there was just “no difference” and he was so much more cuddly than Gore.  Gore with his endless talk of protecting Social Security in the face of “privatization” with a “lock box.”  Besides, he wasn’t “green enough” for the greenies.

Banker and defense contractor Prescott Bush was convicted of "trading with the enemy" for contracts with Hitler during WWII. Image: angblog.wordpress

Okay, so liberals get pissed at Clinton for selling us all out to the GOP.  They sit home and don’t vote.  Bush and Rove deliver the evangelicals and those who think there’s “no difference,” in the candidates.  Greenies push for Nader.  What the Green Party fails to understand, is that their interests will not be served by helping Gore lose.  We swing back, to the worst possible option.  The worst environmental rollbacks and devastation happens, under the Bush Cheney regime.  Secret energy meetings, shutting out alternatives, handouts and presents galore for dirty energy and environmental deregulation.

Image: blogs.rockymountainnews.com

Too late, Gore embraces his own environmentalism by rolling out his movie.  After Clinton’s Kyoto Shonda, Gore was so swift boated by Republicans during his campaign, he felt the need to hide from not just Bubba and his Shenanigans, but also his own record on the environment.

While yes, both parties can be called  “the same,”  there is truth to the chicken littles who warned that there were big differences between the parties.  Maybe they are not the differences we all want, but there are serious differences – and the trajectory our planet will be plunged, based on who vote into office.  Canada is in the throes of a “conservative” takeover of their country, who let Big Oil plunder them blind.

Canada's Tar Sands Devastation. Image: www.mnn.com

On some of the worst annals of our political history, like creating a huge new bureaucracy called “Homeland Security” to declare war on our own people, the GOP get most of their way and wimpy spineless Democrats are happy with the crumbs thrown at them to roll out another one of their “agenda” items like gun control or immigration.  Nothing to solve any kind of real problems that are hurdling towards us threatening our very way of life, just enough to give them a pat on the back from the few that still vote for them.

He said he would eliminate tax handouts for top 1 percent. Image: regulus-starnotes.blogspot.com

The differences that ARE there, matter.  Here’s a current one.  Mostly GOP, but some Democrats are pushing Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline.   If Romney were in office, it would be a done deal.  Even in the face of what just happened in Arkansas.

Arkansas Oil Spill. Oil seeped into people's backyards.  Image: www.businessinsider.com

With people fed up over not one, but two  trillion dollar wars,  massive unemployment, skyrocketing manipulated energy prices, predatory banking, on and on – coupled with the chance to vote for the first black president in history, polls rocked with a landslide to elect Obama.  Still, a fraction of the population voting – but enough to show, the power of the vote.  It scared the hell out of them.  They got busy with voter suppression, shutting down organizations that help the poor and needy vote, and undermining voter’s rights from the deep south to the desert.

The Supreme Court recently overturned the Voting Rights Act. Jim Crow Laws, redistricting, lines to vote that take hours, and other various intimidation tactics do not make it easy for people to vote these days. Why isn't voting a national holiday? Why isn't it easier to vote? Think about it. If voting doesn't matter. Why are they trying so hard to suppress the vote. Image: www.wxyz.com

That the GOP could trot out even an old War Hero, and still, nobody would vote for their wars, must have scared them in their boots.  They scrambled to be relevant and made the bad choice of picking “shuck n’ jive” queen Sarah Palin and were discredited when she saw Russia from her house.  The beating they received at the polls showed the GOP would continue to lose.

Image: bradblog.com

With a party and platform so out of touch, President Obama and the rest of the Dems who pretend you can bend over for the GOP while still serving We, the People, I ask you – why?!  Why – even when you had majorities, do you continue to sell out the American People and the world who is affected by our policies???!!

Image: Hacking Democracy, the Film.

Quick at work installing new Jim Crow Laws, redistricting, gerry-mandering and suppressing the vote whenever and whereever possible, the deep south as well as other Republican strongholds are already suppressing those who may not agree with their “world view.”  Private (conservative) corporations are in place in most counties, in charge of counting our votes – through machines that have been caught “running backward,”  or  “hackable with a $30 kit.”

Image: From a story on the film Hacking Democracy, Salon.com

During his campaign, Obama appeared anti-war.  Swaying even some females set on Hillary, when she appeared too Hawkish.   Then he stepped into Bush’s shoes.  Instead of throwing them off, he has learned to walk in them.  Granted, it must not be easy to unravel such spiderwebs as Guantanamo and two wars, and he is winding down Iraq, so he does get credit for that.  However, he is falling for the Chicken Hawk Squawk way too much and betraying the American People by signing into law legislation he knows is unconstitutional, and by continuing to waste money on bloated defense contracts while our nation cries poor.

Image: "Spoils of War - Iraq Profiteers." http://www.hermes-press.com/spoils.htm

His continued caving in to defense industry in the name of  “homeland  security,”  and now Lindsay Graham’s wet dream of “cyber security” spending – mostly invasions of our privacy, a threat to the American People and an assault on our sense of Liberty and Justice for ALL.  Government is asking us to grant them permission to spy on us, yet we are not allowed to spy on them?  Government is hiding its affairs from We, the People.  I remind you, Mr. President, that you are supposed to REPRESENT us.

Cheney let Scooter Libby take the fall when they revealed the identity of our own CIA agent Valerie Plame, endangering her life, her family's life, and all those she'd been in contact with, all because her husband was hot on their trail about the lies surrounding Yellow Cake Uranium and going to war with Iraq. Yet, whistleblower Edward Snowden is called a traitor. It does not add up. Who did he betray? The American People?How is telling us the truth, betraying us? How has he betrayed the sovereign? Maybe those calling him a traitor need to learn - our government is not the Sovereign of this Nation. Our sovereign, is We, the People. Image: libertycrier.com

Instead, average Americans are being prosecuted for finding out secrets, AS IF that is a threat to us, rather than doing your job, protecting us?  Why are you spending money spying on us, when you should be helping the middle class grow again?

As you can see, we are back to the roaring 20's crash times again which brought upon the Great Depression. Same crowd. Same banking schemes. Deregulation FAIL.

We, the People pay for all the crap, and We, the People deserve to know where our money is being spent.  We expect you, our top dog, to represent US, not corporate owners.  I hope, deep down, those grey hairs you’re getting, are there because you do care.  You do, deep down, want your legacy to reflect the expectations of those who truly had hope for “change.”

I realize, we could elect Ghandi himself and he would still have to stare down the barrel of the Plutocracy’s gun, once he got into office.  I know.  You alone can not stop this machine.  I realize who you are up against –  from both the right, and the left.  You must, however, represent us all, not just those with the money.

CORRUPTION FAIL: “U.S. Flunks Corruption Index’s Money In Politics Test — We’re Tied With Tajikistan.                                  Image: http://www.republicreport.org

We may not be able to control the world bankers.  But we do have a say, in our government.  We are allowed, to vote you in, or out.  We are allowed to remember you as you actually are and not how you wish to be.  Public opinion can be controlled for only so long.  Eventually, people remember the policies.  You have a choice.  Stand with the great presidents, who stood up for We, the People, or go down in history with those on the side of oppression and fascism.

He is not the enemy. For whatever he did, he did not deserve cruel and unusual punishments he suffered. Image: Free Bradley Manning

You are a lame duck. You do not have to run again.  You can afford to piss off your owners.

It’s tragedy of Greek proportions that the same elements who want us to believe there is no difference, rejoice when we look at you in disgust and declare you the same as they are, and then we don’t vote.  It’s a self defeating, self fulfilling prophecy and we all lose.  The difference seem minimal now, because money is winning.  No candidate can stop the money train.  Parties won’t do it.  Corporations won’t do it.  Only We, the People have the power and the will, to demand it.

When you cave to the GOP, and shun those who voted for you, those you represent, they win, either way.  You alienate those who stood by you, and those you suck up to, only laugh at you.  The right will pretend to work with you, but they will pull the football out from under your kick, every time.

They will never vote for you.  Why would you want to piss off the ones who did?

By threatening our nation with "default," Republicans successfully downgraded our credit, so bankers could make more money off our debt. Image: technorati.com

Crestfallen, those you betray, become apathetic.   And this time, when the pillage and plunder begins again, no one pays attention.  Do you just go along with them because you think nobody cares?  That we don’t notice?  We do care. We do notice. We ARE watching.  How do you want to go down in history? As just another Stooge for the right? As another casualty of character assassination like Carter?

With both Davis and Carter, we saw fake, industry manufactured energy crises.  We saw manipulated markets and back room deals that manipulated our energy policies and locked in long term, jacked up inflated energy rates for We, the People.  A blank check for trillions in war profiteering.  Don’t fall for it again, with oil and banking conglomerates that dance with Chicken Hawks.

...and counting to 2013!! Image: www.warresisters.org

The “monied factions” our Founding Fathers warned about, will continue to dismantle anything representing We, the People. They do not represent us or our interests. Do you?  You know, that is your duty.  The more you kowtow to them, the more you will go down with the burning bullshit of what’s left of their legacy.

At least the Whig Party was honest about who it represented – the 1%.  The monied factions. And now, the Ayn Rand Cult continues that concocted myth, that we are only “takers” and “makers.”  That we should somehow worship the “makers” condemn the “takers.” Never mind that it was off the sweat of the brow of the ‘takers’ that were actually “making” their things and paying the taxes they don’t pay so they can continue to burden our infrastructure.  Never mind that Ayn Rand got Aristotle wrong, and thought that thinking “objectively” meant living without any emotion.


Never mind that she got Nietzsche wrong. His idea of a “superman” meant ANYONE could break the bondage and chains of oppression and rise up to their fullest potential. Yes, he meant the church’s bondage too, but as she shared in common with him a disdain for the church, in the end, she was just like the church, by denying human nature.  Denying compassion and empathy. Expecting us to be unfeeling machines, which she learned, we are not.

Tsk Tsk, too bad she learned it the hard way. Her young lover that started that cult for her? He left her high and dry, still on her hubby’s Medicare and Social Security. Oh, she didn’t mind being a “taker,” then.  The break did not fare so well on the heart she pretended not to have. No, we are not automatons. We are not robots. We are flesh and blood, human beings. All of us. Created equal. Not divided by class, as in her school girl dreams. You know, back when she was making it “by herself” by coming to to America and living off the good graces of family and then studio execs who, after a brief car ride, gave her a job. If you’re an aspiring starlet in Hollywood, you know how that works. Like the casting couch, only at 30mph.

Even Greenspan admitted. The market will not police itself. If government is there to protect us, and defend us, then why do they not defend us, from today's Robber Barons? Image: wikiality.wikia.com

If you dig deep enough into Ayn Rand’s twisted psyche, you find out out, contrary to Nietzsche’s inspiring idea that we all have the potential to rise to our own personal greatness, for her it was a race to the bottom. Her “ideal” man? The one she based her “superman” on? He was based on a serial killer. She praised him, for having no conscience at all.  In essence, by Any Rand glorifying psychotic behavior, it is now being used as a shield, to justify inhumane treatment of the populace as public policy.

Image: tumblr

The entire reason in the first place, that we created the United States, was to free We, the People. We are not supposed to have a Monarchy. Not a Plutocracy. Not a Kleptocracy. We are supposed to have a Democratic Republic. A REPRESENTATIVE Government OF, BY and FOR WE THE PEOPLE. What do we have now? 95% of the people sitting it out while atroturfers and die hards make all the rules? Obama, you are at a turning point. Stand up for We, the People. Unless of course, you prefer to represent corporate owners, who think that by paying no taxes and leaching off our infrastructure and gobbling up trillions in corporate welfare because they bought off our “representation” is what America stands for?  Do you prefer to represent them over We, the People?

Image: Pinterest

That will be your choice. You see what they continue to do, behind your back. Tell you what. I don’t give much of a crap about the low grade issues you’re getting them to “concede” on. Certainly you don’t think I’m going to consider Immigration polices any kind of “concession” when the GOP already has egg on their face and needs to pander to the Latinos!

As to the issue of Gun Control, that is also an issue that will seem like child’s play compared to the larger issues we face as a nation. The fabric of our nation is unraveling.  Our economy is being destabilized by Wall Street.  Our middle class is under attack. Our working class is under assault. Our unions are being bashed. Our jobs are being outsourced. Our policies, that we fought for, and some died for in the cases of labor unions and a worker safety and child labor, are being dismantled, bit by bit.  By the SAME crowd who fought against their enactment.  They never went away!

Maybe Clinton had some pet issues he wanted to “accomplish” when he ushered in the era of slave labor by not only going along with Gramm in dismantling Glass Steagall, but also in signing NAFTA. Which has opened the door for slave labor and closed doors to our own jobs and production in this country.  But let’s all pretend to believe the doublespeak about the “job creators” as they outsource your job and devastate the economy with their rigged trading schemes.

1984, by George Orwell.

So, your closed doors meeting on your pet issues like immigration or gun control might satisfy a big contingent of those who have been pushing for it as an agenda item for years and years, but in the end game, if you sell the farm for it? Not worth it. We all lose. Even the gun brigade – on both sides.  It’s not about our pet wedge issues any more.

It comes down to simply – We, the People vs. Multinational Corporations Who Have No Loyalty to We, the People.  We, in the 99% do not have to be ruled by the 1%.  We can think our way out of this.

When the economy tanks because you let them get away with criminal activity against We, the People, then those gun laws will seem like child’s play. Cut the corporate welfare and stop playing footsies about the budget and punishing the old, the sick and the weak for the crimes of Wall Street Fat Cats.

We have now, a KLEPTOCRACY. Starving the people with “austerity” and punishing granny and grampa with any mention of touching their Social Security, while trillions upon billions of money is WASTED on toy drones the size of mosquitos and other defense industry toys that blow up and go bye bye and money is OUT THE DOOR. That thing lands in granny’s backyard, it will meet with an untimely encounter with her shotgun.

How are you explaining to granny, anyway, that you are going to let Keystone Pipeline rip through her private property and seize her land via eminent domain so THEY can profit? This is abuse of power. We, the People need an advocate. Where are you?

I do not appreciate you kissing up to the Chicken Hawks. Going along with whatever paranoid plan Lindsay Graham is pushing for this time. Has he ever put himself in harm’s way? He does not get to call the shots. But. I will hand it to Lindsay Graham. He was the only one to pull the curtain back on the GOP – where WERE they when Bush had the drone program? Where was the outrage then? Didn’t they vote for more and more drunken sailor spending on war and defense galore? They appear to LOVE to spend OUR money when it’s for war or defense contracts (no bid of course), or for research on tiny drones that can kill you. But – they say just carry on and don’t worry, they won’t. Pay no attention to what’s behind the curtain – just go about your business and don’t think about the trillions of dollars being spent on bloated corporate welfare and quid pro quo handouts. This is our hard earned tax dollars – NOT being SPENT ON the U.S.

Where does your tax dollar REALLY go? Hint: The lion's share does NOT go to veterans, children, the poor, elderly or sick. Image: Warriorsisters.org


While we nation build in other countries, our “leaders” cry poor and fire our teachers, take food out of the mouths of children and mothers who don’t have money to buy food (yet you’re Christian), yet somehow…PLENTY of money for high tech bullshit.  That tiny local police department that is now getting “Federal Assistance?”  They just got a fancy new drone to fly over West Hollywood, or a tank in Denver, or military style weaponry in New York City.

Someone is turning a profit off these toys, gadgets and expensive arsenals – designed solely to combat…drum roll please…The American Public!! These high tech luxury items are now being used AGAINST We, the People. Under the guise of “security” we are, as Benjamin Franklin put it, to give up our Liberty in exchange for a little “security.”  Well, now we have neither, just like he said.  It is neither Freedom nor Liberty, when our government is allowed to violate our privacy and even detain or kill us without a trial.

Betrayal. Why? You could have vetoed it. Image: Pinterest.

So which will it be, Obama? You want to be a puppet to The Chicken Hawks, and the Defense Industry? Who want us all to believe that money should be spent on high tech devices for the Homeland to spy on us?  Including their version of “cyber security” – which does not much to actually protect us from terrorists, but oppresses the people, gives handouts to corporations, and green lights Monopoly and market manipulation when giant corporations are allowed to control internet traffic or speed?

The internet, is supposed to belong to We, the People – since it was OUR tax dollars that developed it.  That is one expenditure, I’m actually okay about paying for. But, the assault upon our Bill of Rights, the oppression of our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, these are all issues which have reached critical mass.

Prism spying on the people on our tax dollar, but without our permission. Image: www.businessinsider.com

Now it is in YOUR lap, Mr. Obama. I’m sorry, you MUST take a stand now. If you don’t give a crap about the people you are supposed to represent, then give a crap about yourself, and your legacy. How do you want to go down in history? As a sheep led to slaughter, like Carter, or Gray Davis? Even Clinton, ushering in Slave Labor with NAFTA and walking the plank to his historical doom by allowing Gramm to undo Glass Steagall? (Yes, Clinton, that is in your lap, even though they were Republican policies, you signed it in the name of “compromise” and sold us all out).

Obama, I know you want to be another Clinton, but seriously. You have a chance, to be another Lincoln. Stand with the People. Not the Plutocracy. Please. We need the WPA. Not Sequester. Not punishing Vets, the old, the sick and the children while rewarding Wall Street, who is enjoying record profits as our country crumbles.

The "Sequester" makes Veterans suffer even more than they already do while defense spending rages on. Image: We Support Vets

The bloated Pentagon spending and domestic “homeland security” spending especially, and research into more and more drones, are LUXURY items that I DID NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR YOU TO BUY. We, as Taxpayers, should have a say! How is that protection our national security, to allow you to spy on average Americans?

I am not a fan of Rand Paul.  His misogyny betrays his libertarian status.  He’s fine with govt. forcing women to have their rapist’s baby, as long as the states are the one doing it, not the feds.  However, he brought to light something we should ALL be concerned about.  Not just that they weaponize micro drones enough to make Rand’s hair curl even tighter at the thought that he could be killed in his bed by them (I do not share his fear on that), but by the horrific scam, that is being perpetrated upon We, the People.  How they control everyone by fear, for profit.  Ohhhh…we NEED this new remote control toy operated thing that isn’t even in production yet but has already cost millions to research.

And how much, for your media war?  How much, to mislead the public and subterfuge real news so you can feed us a constant drip of bullshit?

Even smaller today. Image: warriorsisters.org

Oh, we NEED this new high tech Star Wars crap. Oh yes, we NEED all this stuff that we don’t really need, because someone is turning a profit?   Guess what?  I bet we have enough drones already to do whatever the fuck it is we’re doing!  They do not have to put fancy and expensive mosquito sized ones….ON OUR TAB!!!  If they want to go develop that, let them do it like ANY OTHER BUSINESS has to do. Go out and DO IT YOURSELF. Who gave them permission, to spend MY CHILD’S FUTURE, on this crap?

I didn’t.

Why am I forced to pay for something that is abhorrent to all our Founding Fathers stood for?

I wonder how many teacher’s salaries we could pay – including health care – with the cost of just ONE of these exhorbitant, decadent, wasteful defense programs. Yes, Chicken Hawks. Squawk on.  We are still watching.  History will be the judge.

It does not say "We, the Corporations." It says, "We, the People.' It is time for We, the People, to rise. It is time for us to explain to them that they are our public servants. That they are not our masters. We are their masters. They do not get to rule us. Their moneyed factions must be kicked out of our government. Image: tumblr


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