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“Fiscal Cliff” = Economic Blackmail?

by BombshellBetty

So, the memo has gone out.  “Fiscal Cliff” is the new code, to scare people about the economy.   Let us keep our tax handouts to the richest 1%, or we’ll threaten you with economic calamity and drive you off a financial cliff.   We’ll threaten to crash your economy.  Again.

Didn’t you do that to us already?  Ooh. Pass TARP or you won’t be able to get any more loans!  Okay. We passed it.  Economy still went down the toilet!  Do we need a rush on the banks? Just take all our money OUT of Wall Street’s Casino?

We’ve already been Moving Our Money. Yeah. The jig is up. We know. World banks control the world, blah blah blah. We’re building local communities now, local coalitions, seeking out local banks. Preparing,  for when you crash things again.   We will do our best to stay out of the way.  Trouble is, it’s the sad people who think your bank is working in your best interest, who will be hurt.  Again.  From 401ks, to retirement funds and such, all gambled away on Wall St.

Truth is, if we do nothing, let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, what’s gonna happen? Aw. Republicans won’t be “comfortable”?  The super rich, who have seen so many gains while the rest of us are suffering will have to go back to the tax rates under Clinton?

Too bad.  So sad.  The middle class appears to be saying  – let them eat cake, the way they’d like the middle class to eat cake.  Exit polls told you that, loud and clear.


So now, ad nauseum, on every news anchors’ lips: Mention the word “Fiscal Cliff” – a lot.  Remember that whole “debt ceiling” thing?  Yeah.  They kicked down the road.  Now the cuts are going into effect.  The good news is, the Bush Tax Cuts for the Filthy Rich are set to expire.   That’s why they’re so upset they lost.  Well, one big reason.  They thought they had it in the bag!   Trouble is, when people come out of the woodworks to vote, even rigging Florida and Ohio won’t save you.

It was a little depressing to hear The Daily Show say “The Nation Votes, Ohio Decides…”

What happened though, was even though hardly any of our populace came out to vote, and it did come down to Ohio this time too, there were so many people who did come out, that it turned out to be a “landslide.”  This election, if anything, is a referendum on the power of the people, more than anything else – considering the amounts of money Karl Rove spent, and was defeated.  It shows, the the people’s vote, can defeat money.  That is why, if there is any hope of saving the voice of the people, we must overturn Citizens’ United.  We must stand up for our rights, or they will rush in, to vote them out.  They would love to give corporations, the right to vote.  Sounds funny now, but I’m sure no one ever dreamed corporations would be given “personhood” either.

Back to this dreaded “Fiscal Cliff.”  Seems to me, if we let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, we won’t have to punish Granny and Grandpa with “austerity” measures.  The 1% are not suffering. In fact, they have catapulted into the “stratosphere” for wealth, in the last twenty years.

We were all economically blackmailed into bailing out the banks with TARP.  They threatened “economic collapse” then too.  We did it.  Economic collapse anyway!!  So, perhaps, the best thing to do here, is really just, protect yourself from their fraud.  Move your money.  Buy local.  Vote money out of our political process, stand up and Self-Govern.  No one is going to work in your interests, if you don’t make your interests known.

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November 2012

4 Responses to ““Fiscal Cliff” = Economic Blackmail?”

  1. David says:

    What happened to the movement to move your money from the banks into the credit unions.
    Bank of America is flooding my mailbox without shame.

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