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Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?

by Rabble Rouser

Is the GOP a Threat to National Security?  Did the wars make us more secure?  Some argue, it has actually made us less safe.

"The woman who sent a picture of American caskets from Iraq that ran in the Seattle Times (and was then spread around the Web) got fired for it. During the Bush/Cheney regime, the public were not allowed to see the horrors of war." via: The Memory Hole

Did Dick Cheney’s “energy plan” make us safer?  What exactly IS the GOP Energy plan?  More wars for oil?   More scorched-earth Tar Sands and Keystone Pipelines that steal away private citizen’s land? Ripping through Indian Reservations, snatching private property through Eminent Domain?  Is that liberty?

Landowners Protest Seizing and Redistribution of Their Property to Big Oil, by Eminent Domain. environmental-action.org

Aren’t Republicans supposed to be against Redistribution of Wealth? Or…does that only count when it means rich people have to give to the poor.  When it’s reversed, and poor have to give to the rich – well, then they love socialism and redistribution of wealth.


But back to their energy plan.  Less safety measures?   More Fracking?  More gas in the neighbors’ pipes that blow fire instead of water? More coal mines collapsing in on workers for lack of regulations to keep them safe?  Haven’t we already fought this fight?  I’m not even getting into civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights or birth control – all under attack by the GOP.

Fire coming out of water pipes, due to Fracking. ABCnews.com

Despite talk of “small government” they bloated government to record proportions with a “Homeland Security” bill that was signed under duress, with Congress scared out onto the front lawn, by Anthrax – that turned out to come from our own military.


Big Government Republicans Like to Spend Taxpayer Money but Pretend Otherwise.

So, let’s just focus on “national security.   Does more war make us safe?  Just what exactly, does war bring to our national security?  What is the legacy, of the GOP?  What exactly, is their record on national security?

"A picture is worth a thousand words - Armed US soldier guards gas pipeline." via: presscore.ca

They talk a good game.   Romney even dusted off the ol’ cold war rhetoric, busting out “Peace Through Strength.”  What exactly IS peace, through strength?  What peace, has war brought us?  Not since Eisenhower, have we seen a Republican who actually served in combat. Only one of the Neo Cons in the Bush Cabinet wasn’t a Chicken Hawk – Colin Powell – and what did they do to him?  They put him up as puppet boy to scare and coax the world with tales of Anthrax and Yellowcake Uranium, into a new Chicken Hawk War.



Turns out, they lied.  They didn’t care what they had to do, to go to war.  Lie, commit treason, endanger the entire country and the whole world, just to get what they wanted.  Some say it’s the oil, in the Caspian Sea.  That they’re using the American Taxpayer to fund their oil explorations.  Using our soldiers to defend corporate oil pipelines.   While war profiteers cash in.

The Iraq War, as the death toll and debt rises. AP Photo.

Using the only “war hero” in their Cabinet, as their stooge.  Well, he jumped ship. He endorsed Obama. His endorsement, this year, was so eloquent in its simplicity and matter of factness that cut through the bullshit that I, for one, could not argue – or have said any better.

Colin Powell humiliated at the UN by legitimizing Bush and Cheney's lies about Iraq. Via: Newsweek.

Interesting legacy the GOP, on National Security. Did Reagan make us more safe?  If the definition, as Romney put it, is that debt weakens our national security, then Reagan was the Grand Poobah of endangering us. Did Bush I make us more safe? Wasn’t that when we started seeing more banking scams go awry?

Now we get to the Neo Cons.  We know now, that the GOP’s policies – of borrow and spend on war and corporate welfare for oil companies is a danger to our national security.  We see now – when they were in charge, they implemented a dirty energy policy   that shut out cleaner alternatives and laughed in the face of environmentalism, while giving polluters free rein.

The worst legacy of all, is what it has done to our brave soldiers.

‘Lionized by many as the human face of the U.S. effort to rebuild Iraq, Dwyer brought the battlefield home with him, grappling violently with delusions. His internal terror got so bad that, in 2005, he shot up his El Paso, Texas, apartment. On June 28, police said the 31-year-old collapsed and died after abusing a computer cleaner aerosol. Military doctors eventually attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder. His mother, Maureen Dwyer, said “He wasn’t Joseph anymore. Joseph never came home.” Dwyer’s parents said they tried to get help for their son, appealing to Army and Veterans Affairs officials. Although he was treated off and on in VA facilities, he was never able to shake his anxieties.’ The Reid Report

So, let’s ask? Were we safer, under Republican Administrations?

Anti-American Sentiment Heats Up After We Invade Iraq.

Let’s look at history:

Wall Street’s Great Crash of the 1920s? Turns out, same banks.  Same crowd.  Goldman Sachs, et. al.  How many know, that in the eye of that storm, not only was he palling around with Nazis in banking, but Prescott Bush, George’s grandfather, was brought up on “UnAmerican” charges, for selling to Hitler and “trading with the enemy.” Same crowd.  They haven’t really left.  Just a new generation.  And they still have lots of money for propaganda.

VIa: Veteran's Today

Flash forward to our current Great Crash on Wall St.  Same banks. Same names. Goldman Sachs.  Bush family. It’s no coincidence that Bush put the CEO of Goldman Sachs in charge of the Treasury, and, put them in charge of distributing TARP.

The Failed Republican Economic Policy that is Threatening Our National Security.

Well played, GOP, eke out just one more trillion before you leave office to make sure this country is good and fucked.  Right after you found out Obama was going to win. It’s a sure bet that Obama and the good ol’ U. S. of A. won’t be able to crawl out of that economic shithole of debt you left behind.

Why is it Republicans spend so much, grow government, yet continue to pretend they're for "small govt."? Image: redstateprogressive.com

I don’t think Obama had even sat his ass down in the Oval Office chair, before they started screaming about how HE racked up that debt. Nice try, but some of us pay attention. Grandma told us what happened during the Great Depression.

I know which side the GOP was on, and it wasn’t the side of old people jumping out of windows to their death, so they wouldn’t be a burden on their family.

The Chamber of Commerce - on the Wrong Side of History, again.

So. I will ask, one more time. Are we safer, under Republicans? As I recall, after 9/11 happened, we had worldwide sympathy. Even Iranians were lighting candles, holding vigils and saying prayers for us and our fallen.

Iranians holds candlelit vigils for the victims of 9/11. Via: cfr.org

What did Bush do?   Did he reach out, broker peace?  No, he used and abused that global compassion – through emotional blackmail and outright strong arm tactics (“you’re either with us or agin us”) to march us off into a war.  To whose benefit?  Oil companies? Halliburton? Cheney’s Golden Parachute?  Halliburton made out like bandits, not so much the rest of us.

AND STILL COUNTING! Image: worldculturepictorial.com

It was bad enough asking our friends and allies to join in a war against the country of Afghanistan, even though it was visiting Saudi – Bin Laden – we were really at war with.  In what Richard Clarke and others have described as a dereliction of duty, Bush not only let Bin Laden get away, then took resources away from Afghanistan, to invade Iraq.  Which only made us less safe, as then the floodgates of hate against Americans, for the sins of our leaders, re-opened.  How many travelers from the U.S. had to put a Canadian flag on their backpack because Bush and Cheney’s Wrecking Crew endangered our lives with their war built on lies?

Halliburton profits from both sides, if Romney takes us to war with Iran.

When Obama was elected, there was a sense of hope.  Perhaps, to disillusioned American Obama voters, who apparently thought he was a Miracle Worker, that hope has faded.  The rest of the world, however, looks to the American People to lead the way.  WILL WE?  So many I’ve talked to, are horrified, that we would even consider ever letting the GOP rule the world again.  With the Arab Spring and his speech in Cairo, Obama seems to be building a few tentative nods of trust, globally.  Winding down the wars, while tough on defense, he does not appear to be on the offense.  He is not ringing the war drum for Iran.  In contrast, to trigger happy Republican Chicken Hawks, who clamor for more war, brag about how much they’ll do for oil companies, and beat their chest for war, even during peace time.

Much of the world thinks that all Americans think this way. We don't. But the question should be asked - Is this the Republican plan for jobs? Energy? Education? Via: Deviant Art

If McCain had had his way, we’d be in Iraq for another “hundred years.”     Reviled and hated throughout the world because of our foreign polices, the American People don’t even understand our own foreign policies.  Most of us, are not paying attention.  The majority, do not even register to vote, much less actually show up to vote.  For all our complaining about corruption,  USA is at the bottom of the list, for voter turnout and Self Governing. We are being ruled by the 1% not just inside the banking world, but at the ballot box, as more and more people are falling off the map, over propaganda and disinformation, outright brainwashing and voter suppression.  Without a populace to keep them in check, corporations have invaded government and are writing their own laws.

"The revolving door refers to the interchange of personnel, usually between businesss and government, but also between lobby groups, management consultants, think tanks and government, as well as between the media or public relations firms and government. The problem is that government officials can be unduly influenced, either by their previous employers or potential future employers, and this undermines the effectiveness of governments in regulating to protect the environment." From: http://www.herinst.org/BusinessManagedDemocracy/government/national/revolving.html

That this race is so close, is actually mind boggling.  It shows, how four years of propaganda and lies on a non stop media drip feed can indeed induce Romnesia.  Many have apparently either forgotten how badly the GOP fucked us, or they choose not to understand.  Is it the Bush v. Gore “too close to call” s/election all over again?  Yes, Goldman Sachs gives money to both candidates, but the notion that they’re both “the same” is dangerous thinking.  Who we vote in, will decide whether or not we invade another country,  start another war, and rack up more national–security-weakening war debt.


Did any of you think, after Clinton handed him the keys to White House, that we’d be involved in two wars plus economic collapse?  How many thought our economy would be devastated by all those “job creators.”  Turns out, the only jobs they created were offshore.  After all that, plus the Katrina debacle, many thought the GOP name was “dead.” But, Republicans and Neo Cons are energized by this “close” election, after their party had almost gone the way of the Whigs. (At least the Whigs were honest about representing the 1%).

Iran is the only country still in the way, of that Caspian Sea oil.  Yes. They are close to a new war.  Too close.

Sgt. Lonnie Roberts cries at a memorial service for PV2 Gregory R. Huxley Jr., 19, of Forestport, N.Y., killed in action, 2003. According to a CBS news report, soldier suicides are Up 80% in 2012. (AP Photo/Dallas Morning News, David Leeson)

No. They are not. And you are not my friend. Image: Sodahead.

The Romney Zombie Meme Lives

Like a Zombie resurrected from the corpse of a dead GOP party, Romney not so much rises, as is propped up, with every bullshit lie they’ve ever tried before.  They are desperate.  From buying up easily hackable and riggable voting machines, to new Jim Crow laws and tactics designed to suppress the vote.  Romney appears as a hollowed out cavity, ready to be filled with whatever he has to say, to close the deal.  They are close.  So close, I can smell the bloodlust and saliva dripping, from their Fangs of War.   Will we let Neo Con Chicken Hawks endanger our national security, again?

Wealth Redistribution for the Wealthy, especially Defense Contractors for "Star Wars."





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