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Boycott Power

by BombshellBetty

Photo: Pinups For Justice


As Rush Limbaugh’s sweaty, red faced corporate sponsors found out in a hurry, don’t piss off the sluts.  Dropped like a hot potato, Rush is left to scramble around back peddling and mincing his way through the misogynistic hellhole he’s dug for himself.  The Emperor, it seems, has no clothes.  As dittoheads try to wrap their brains around how to justify his behavior, like any abuser, they out themselves.  All we sluts have to do, is sit back and watch the show.  And pass the popcorn.

So now, we have a triangulation of scandal, sex, and boycott – just enough – for We, The People to maybe get it?  There is power in the boycott.  There is history, in the boycott.  We vote with our wallets.  It’s really the only language those who value money over people understand.

Montgomery Bus Boycott, blackpast.org

So let’s fight fire, with fire.

Boycott Power.  Boycott Greed.  Especially dirty power.  Boycott those who think they are above others, who think it’s okay to abuse others.   To pollute our water, our air, and think nothing of crashing our economy overnight.   Just ask Greece or Ireland.


It wasn’t just the word “slut” that pissed off so many women.  It wasn’t even the word “prostitute.”  It was the vile way he degraded a bright young college student, whose only crime was standing up for birth control.  In his sick mind, that made her a prostitute.  In his perverted fantasies, she’s waiting for him in heels, ready to post her sex videos for him to fap to.  Not only does he yarn on about this in lurid animation on his radio show (for three shows, 9 hours), but his voice lowers to a leering tone, as he speaks about how he’s “paying her to have sex” so she should post the video “online” for him.

Maybe Oxycontin gives you fantasies.  Apparently it also deludes you into thinking that degrading and verbally abusing women will get you chicks.  Sorry Charlie, you just showed your true colors, and women know what lurks inside now.  You can beat your chest and whip up your dittoheads into a frenzy and you’re still just that blowhard who insulted that poor girl and how dare you.  We wouldn’t buy anything you were peddling if you paid us.



So let that be a lesson – to all the other abusers out there who are looting and pillaging We, The People.  We will be boycotting you on May Day, we will be watching, to see what and who you support.  Bit by bit, we will be taking our business elsewhere.  There are alternatives.  We will find them.  Or, we will create them.


Buy local. "The number of farmers markets held in the United States each year is on the rise." fleamarketzone.com


photo: Samsill.com


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April 2012

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