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Occupy Reason

by Rabble Rouser

Liberty Leading the People (Detail) 1. Eugene Delacroix. www.eugenedelacroix.org

Back in the ’60’s, there was an awakening about war and other social issues, like what’s happening now, only they had more of a Free Press, and actual war reporting rather than just “embedded” press agents.   How is the average person’s story told today?  How are our voices heard?  How do we find out what’s going on?

Cost of War. Andmagazine.com

What we have now, is a public unaware of most of the worst horrors.   Either through lack of news, or a haze of stress, debt, prescription drugs, loss or any number of problems facing any of us.



Few brave people are willing to risk life and limb marching against a militarized police force.  How is it that even for cities who profess to have no budget can afford this expensive gear?

Militarized Police Force. Who's paying for this? Photo: Activistpost.com

For some reason, for all their “fiscal responsibility,” they seem to be able to afford high tech expensive military gear so irresponsible cops can abuse their power.  Failing to protect and serve a pregnant woman is unnacceptable.  The abuse must stop.  This is someone’s daughter.  She was tasered in the back nonchalantly by a man twice her size and now she is brain dead.  If news like this doesn’t make you want to roar and scream at the injustice, then what is this world coming to?  Are these students simply pests to be sprayed with bug spray?

UC Davis infamous "nonchalant pepper spray incident."

Is this America?

No.  It’s not.  At least, not what we’re supposed to be.  So let’s change that.  How?  Marching in the street is one way, but mass arrests and injuries are making that harder and harder for average citizens, even to simply voice their opinion on a public street.  The Pentagon, not satisfied with world domination, have apparently now brought the war home to the American Citizen they’ve sworn to defend.


Free Speech you ask?  What’s Free Speech again?  We won’t even get into The Right to Public Assembly.  We know that.  Don’t we?  Why is that so hard a concept to grasp for those who are paid to protect that?

Cover of. Alden Freeman pamphlet, The Fight for Free Speech: ucblibrary3.berkeley.edu

Maybe the new frontier, is the old frontier.  In the olden days, there was oppression, silence of speech, tyranny.  How did they fight back?  Art. Philosophy.  Writing.  Science.  If the Plutocracy has taken this many years to obliterate the Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment, this many decades to reverse what took centuries upon centuries to blossom, then we will need a new Age of Reason.  Another Age of Enlightenment to replace this Age of Arrogance.

Age of Reason. 1793. "This was the age of new technologies and new thinking." dipity.com

While boots on the ground remain the inspiration for the rest of us, if protest is to triumph it will need to reach back and return to the roots of dissent through art.  Free Expression is at the heart of Free Speech.  In the ’60’s, the songs, the art, the poetry, so too with the French Revolution, and most likely all other Revolutions throughout history.

Bob Dylan. legitimusmaximus.tumblr.com

Are we up to the task?

When Might thinks it makes Right, perhaps the only way to beat it

is to Outsmart it.

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March 2012

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