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The Long Shadow of Johnny Cash

by TBird

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We all stand in it, whether we know it or not.  His fierce independence, fiery will and strong voice stood strong for every man, and no one.  Never pretended to be any different, than who he was, yet it was his sameness that stood for us all.  Wild, rebellious and free, he spoke his mind and stood his ground.  He’d been an outlaw and bad boy, yet loved deeper than most have ever known, and had seen pain far beyond most of our comprehension.

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He would have been 80, this February.

For those who enjoy his music, there is a part of us that lives inside his voice.  For those who don’t know yet how far and strong and wide his voice travels, they will know one day.  We will always dance along the edge, if not step clear into the ring of fire, hidden inside that long shadow cast by The Man in Black.  His layer in our musical lexicon goes much deeper than simply music.  He’s an American Hero, not just his songs but his attitude, his fierceness, determination, charm and ability to hold his ground, amid an ever changing landscape of bullshit and trend.

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Johnny Cash never lost his soul, or dignity.   He didn’t just talk the talk, he did indeed walk the line.  He deserves our deepest respect.

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February 2012

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