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Greedy Crybabies, Take Two.

by Rabble Rouser

It seems the entertainment industry is “uncomfortable with the internet.”  They don’t like people freely sharing entertainment?  They sound like a bunch of crybabies, just like the Wall Street dudes in diapers we highlighted earlier.  I find it hard to have sympathy for their whining, when the people they want to penalize are the end user, the people who enjoy and buy their products, rather than those who are making a buck off those same users, who are sharing those products.

If we are going to make a moral argument about artists being ripped off, let’s look at all the artists who signed or sold their rights away to these same entertainment companies.  When Big Entertainment decides they want to cash in on people enjoying the artists they continue to repackage and sell to us over and over and over again, who are they hurting?  Their own customer base.  The same people who enjoy Youtube buy your CDs, your games, your consoles, your gadgets.  Stop attacking your users.  Stop acting like whiny little babies because one nickel went unturned.  Enough already.   The more you try to strangle the world, the more the world will bite back.  Find a way to compensate the actual artists, or their loved ones, and maybe we’ll have some sympathy for you.   Until then, we see what you’re doing.  You want to monopolize and cash in.  Greed is ugly.

You will never be able to silence or strangle the internet.  The wizards of the web will find a way to go around you.

Your customer base will one day wake up and get wise and they will boycott you.

So cry on.  Show us just how much you have in common with toddlers.

You will lose every time you try to silence even one voice.



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January 2012

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