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Time Will Tell

by TBird

The Persistence of Time by Dali. photo: ideachampions.com

Whose ideas will prevail?

Will the 1%, who control the world’s resources, continue to fool the people into thinking they’re on their side?

Or, will history repeat itself, and peopleĀ wake up, when theĀ suffering has become enough?

Molly Pitcher. Photo: wtps.org

Will they rub their eyes and look around

Find that Mr. Potter has become a reality.

George Bailey seeing Pottersville. Photo: trentseibert.wordpress.com

That Bedford Falls is crumbling for real this time.

Banks have raked in the properties. Mitt says "Let them foreclose!" Yes, I'm sure the 1% can't wait to go shopping! The middle class has seen a massive transfer of wealth, many long time owned family properties bamboozled out of ownership by predatory lending scams. Welcome to Pottersville 2011. buffaloniagararealestatehomesales.com

And the only George to bring it back

is Ourselves.

In real life, there are no angels named Clarence to come down to show us the way.

Unless we count the living ones, the loved ones right here in our lives.

"...no man is a failure who has friends..." Photo: dvdbeaver.com

Each of our lives touch each other’s in some way

Even if we don’t know it.


To think that democracy was invented thousands of years ago, but women only got the right to vote in the 1920's. Photo: angryblacklady.com

The world is all of our responsibility

And the sooner we learn to simply get along together

The easier that burden will be.

Suffragettes March. Photo: topfoto.co.uk

Will we?

Time will Tell as the saying goes.

That elusive thing, Time.

The thing we waste with so much cavalier.

What we can’t wait to be over when we’re young

but grasp at when we’re older.

slipping through our fingers like so much sand

Catching joy where it lands

Savoring every drop

Eventually, time does tell

Time Will Tell. Photo: amacoast.com

Those patient enough to wait

Will see.

Seeing Earth. Photo: abstract.desktopnexus.com


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December 2011

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