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America – Land of The Free?

by Rabble Rouser

Home of the Brave?

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

Take a look at the nonchalant stance of this cop.  Does this look free?  No.  Brave?  Nope.

From New York, to Oakland.  Cities and police all across America, are abusing their power.

Nonchalant Pepper Spraying of blinding pepper spray on UC Davis students.

Mayor Bloomberg in New York has been a disgrace to what it means, to be an American.

NYPD pepper sprays woman behind enclosure in face.

This is the country that all other countries are supposed to look to for Freedom and Liberty?


What about Freedom of Speech?  Freedom to Peacefully Assemble?  Redress?

Sgt. Shamar Thomas defends the unarmed protesters against the armed cops saying "there is no honor" in what they were doing. Occupy Wall St., NYC., 2011.

Why are the protesters in New York being brutalized, beaten, pepper sprayed, kicked down and arrested?  Why were their computers destroyed?  I hope the people of the City of New York call him and ask him – how are you serving and protecting your constituent’s First Amendment Rights?

Protect and Serve - We, The People. Why carry the badge, if you're not going to uphold this oath?

Why were the protesters in Oakland shot at?  Why did they suffer tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag bullets, canisters and unexplained “projectile” things that fly into people’s heads and injure them?  A pregnant woman in Seattle was kicked and pepper sprayed and lost her baby.

USMC Scott Olsen is hit by Oakland Police. People try to help him as more projectiles are thrown at them by police. Occupy Oakland, 2011. :: photo: slashgear.com

You know America is having problems when a two term veteran like Scott Olsen ends up being hit in the head by his own country’s police, and the Speech Center of his brain is damaged, simply for enjoying his Freedom of Speech.  He is finally out of the hospital and doing better, but what a cowardly, shameful time for American History his shooting will always be.  The Mayor of Oakland and the Chief of Police should be held responsible for allowing such abuses of power to happen.

Occupy Denver, 2011.

Los Angeles, which has so far had a peaceful record of non-violence, in a city littered with violent episodes from the L.A.P.D., arrested 200 people last night in downtown L.A.’s Occupy Los Angeles Assembly.

Occupy Los Angeles, 11/30/11.

Does the Mayor think that locking them up will make them go away?  More than likely, 10 more will show up in their place.  This movement, this 99% thing, is much bigger than just a few dirty hippies camping out in a today’s version of Hooverville.

"In the 1930s, Hoovervilles (shantytowns) formed coast to coast in cities of the United States..." blog.sfgate.com

It’s mom, and pop, and uncles and aunts, granpa’s and grandma’s, sisters, brothers, sons, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends, loved ones and facebook friends.   It’s a rising tide that politicians and world leaders best get on the right side of, lest they go down in history as a wet blanket for progress.

Protester faces off with childhood friend Cop. "I knew he wouldn't hurt me." Occupy Denver, 2011.

Los Angeles’ Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa passed out ponchos to the protester when it was raining.  He has managed to stay on the right side of history, with no sign of violence, until last night.

Occupy, L.A., 2011.

How far will he go, to sully his name in history?

Occupy Denver, Denver Post. 2011.

Where will he stand, in the fight to preserve our First Amendment?  It exists for all of us.  Not just those who have enough to buy Free Speech.



Does he have a plan for where these American Citizens can fully enjoy their First Amendment Rights?  They do have the right to Peacefully Assemble.  They do have the right, to speak their mind.  You don’t have to agree with any of them, to fight for their right to Free Speech, or Freedom of Assembly, or the Right to Redress their Government for Grievances.  These are First, in our Amendments, for a reason.  All others support, protect and serve, that First right.   Without our First Amendment Rights, we are slaves to our government, and the leaders we have entrusted, to represent us and our interests.  Who can we count on, to step up and lead?  Who will truly serve and protect us?  Who still stand up, and demand better?

"Sean Valdez carries an upside down American flag at Civic Center during the Occupy Denver Protest in Denver, CO, Saturday, November 12, 2011. Later, Denver police forced protestors out of Civic Center park early this evening, tearing down illegally pitched tents and clearing personal belongings and trash. Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post"

Every citizen, every consumer, every human who enjoys our soil should care about our rights being taken away, by force and by law, on a daily basis.

Occupy Denver, 2011.

It’s going to be up to the American Citizens to fight back with our votes and change what our government is doing.  We, The People are the only branch of government with the power to Vote Money Out, and vote out the rigged voting machines.  Will we wake up? Or will we stand by, and watch as our rights are snatched from us?

Oakland Teachers comes out against Police Violence.

Use your power.  Fight with everything you’ve got.  Never give up.  Call, fax, write, email, blog, post, share, tweet, vote and make your voice heard.  There is power in numbers.



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