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Girl Groups

by TBird

Blondie, 1980s. Photo: salman-khan.net

I know Blondie’s not an actual Girl Group, but in this missive on Girl Groups, Debbie and the guys get a special spot in Girl Group lore.  For their sheer groovy girl group sounds to rip and radiate the spirit of the Girl Group across the sexes.  From somber to the sullen.  In wilderness raging or, as Aretha shows being a Girl Group unto herself, reigning.   There are the classics, the schmaltzy, and the sublime.  She of the Girl Group must rock, one way or another.  To appreciate a rockin’ female, is to behold spirit in motion, as music fills the bones, saturates the heart and legs give way to shaking and trembling.

The Chantels. photo: blogg.org

She watches their back, backs them up when she’s singing solo, and backs up the back ups, to let them sing solo too.  All for one, one for all.  Girl Groups aren’t about only girls.   Guys rock out to Girl Groups, and girls back up guys.  It’s a spirit that says yeah, anyone can throw down.

L7. 1990's. photo: llucywho.com

snap of the finger, a wink of the eye, a sign to let you know that it’s not only the He-Man Woman Haters Club out there.  You can be in our club too, if you want.  You can even come with us to the bathroom and find out all the mysterious things girls do in there.

photo: lpcoverlover.com

Some just don’t know us.  Not really.  They see us as some big mystery.  We’re really not.  We’re just like them.  We get bored, we get lonely, we get excited, we get restless, we find ways to amuse ourselves.  We also do it for the Lulz.

"He Man Woman Hater's Club" Spanky and Our Gang.

Yeah, there are Mean Girls and bullies, who do it for Schadenfreude.  That can work with the caveat that the person had it coming, I suppose, but why wallow in victory?  Sometimes, it’s just being mean spirited, in order to look cooler.  Aren’t there other victories to be won?  There is no time for gloating.

La Dolce Vita

So dance.  Laugh.  Play.  Rock out to Girl Groups.  Girls are pretty simple to figure out, if you take the time to listen.  We just want to have fun, we want to play, we want to live, we want to learn.  We want to sing, we want to dance, we want to laugh, we want to cry.  We want to see.  Most of all. We want to know.  We want to help, we want to listen, we want to be a part.  We are you and you are us, only neither of us realize that.

Marilyn Monroe, Santa Monica Beach, 1950's.

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November 2011

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