Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

by BombshellBetty

Employers Use Obamacare as an Excuse to deny workers health care and even cut hours, to avoid paying for health care. Some turn around and spend it on free pizzas for a football team, so maybe they can afford it?.

Obamacare: Better Than Nothing?

House Republicans are wasting a lot of taxpayer money grandstanding to fight Obamacare, even willing to “shut down the government” over it. They’d like us all to think it’s some commie liberal plan to give us all free health care. No, that would have been the “public option” which I would much rather have had than this privatized bullshit that was written by insurance companies and basically is the same as we have now with the HMO deciding what’s covered and what is not.  Big surprise the sellout Democrat who wrote this shit with the insurance and pharma co’s  left office?  Rotten privatized bullshit and they want to pretend it’s socialism, when really, it’s a strange hybrid of fascist socialism where it’s socialism for corporations and capitalism for the rest of us.   They’re busting our unions and sending the middle class onto the dole, now they want to blame poor people for our debt?

Those who opposed Social Security and Medicare were not able to get rid of it politically, so they found ways to profit off those programs and it has turned into a multi headed beast that is bankrupting our treasury as even luxury items are "Voucher billed."

No, I’m sorry.  Get over your red scares and your cold war delusions of Medicare or Social Security threatening Capitalism.  It never has.  In fact, Capitalism is doing just fine.  The reason we have socialism for things like the elderly, is because they were jumping out of windows to their death, in the Great Depression, so as not to burden their families.   We needed socialism to deal with something like the elderly being tossed aside to die, and something as vital as health care.

Now just add up and up and up until 2013...

There’s a reason why things like heat and water were made public and not left to the Robber Barons to decide.  People died.  People fought long and hard for every right we now take for granted.  In fact, those who have fought against these rights have been waiting in the wings, to take them away from you.  They bitched and moaned as loud as they’re moaning now, about Better Than Nothing Obamacare.

1937 Bread Line.

Great Depression.  Photo from: http://msdegenhardtce9.pbworks.com

We should really give credit where credit is due and call it BobDoleCare too, since he came up with that bad, unconstitutional mandate idea.  Romney was just on Fox deriding what he already signed into law, as if he was not one of the architects of this health care industry profit boondoggle where private insurance co’s get to come in a loot the govt. treasury and taxpayer to exorbitant amounts with overpriced drugs, services and goods.

Now it won’t just be employers who will shoulder the burden of a ridiculous and overpriced health care monopoly cartel, it will be me and you).

We are only one of three industrialized nations in the world, without universal health care.  Somehow, those other countries are able to get good care at reasonable rates.  Huh.  I wonder how they do that?  I wonder if corporations are allowed to come write legislation like our do?!  Now this “representative” who denied us a non profit, or public option, sees a “train wreck” and has left for a pharmaceutical company?  What a public servant!

Every right we have, is because someone fought for them.

Not making sure we have a sane health care policy puts us at a disadvantage on the global market and burdens our employers with the sole burden under a corrupt health care system.  Medicare proves that taking care of our own does not hurt Capitalism one damn bit.  Truth is, the only thing We, the People get out of this crappy deal is that the crappy insurance companies can not deny us for a pre-existing condition anymore.  Twenty somethings can still be covered under parent polices and…a few more bones they threw in but nothing to stop the rampant cheating, looting and voucher scamming of the taxpayers with luxury $15,000 scooter chairs and $50,000 bath installations all billed without even a look at the ridiculous bill because nobody gives a shit that an aspirin costs $100 anymore.

It’s still the same for profit HMO hellish morass of private insurance companies dictating what doctors you can go to, just like now. No, had we had Medicare for all, single payer, a “public option,” or even a non-profit option that we could buy that didn’t turn a profit for the insurance companies and the drug companies, then maybe it would be better than Better Than Nothing. But right now. Yeah. It’s only better than nothing.

As usual, Obamacare (which is really a Franken-monster of TrumanCare, HillaryCare and RomneyCare) is a perfect example of why “business-government” partnerships tend to end in disaster. Private businesses should not be making profits off something as vital as health care, or even education.

The whole notion of the “voucher” has turned into nothing but a taxpayer looting scam, time and time again.

Take the privatization of Medicare and Social Security medical billing. Rather than lessen the costs through single payer insurance or better competition with non profit options and generic drugs, we have private companies inventing new ways to profit off taxpayers through voucher programs and billing for luxury items like $15,000 scooter chairs and $50,000 luxury bath installations deemed “medically necessary” by the insurance approved docs and voucher billed to Medicare or Social Security.

Just one of many medical related products that can be peddled directly to patients and somehow billed to Medicare. Scooter Chairs, hearing aids, drugs, and anything billable in the ballpark? Will it bankrupt the program, like some (even those who profit from it) hope From: http://www.foreveractivemed.com/blog/medicare-coverage-for-home-modifications-medical-equipment/

They have a tidy profit going on, meanwhile, Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid are being bankrupted. Then the poor are blamed for it and the Republicans get what they wanted all along – to shut down all those horrible socialist programs altogether. Who need a safety net anyway? Just let the old people jump from buidlings so as not to burden their families, like they did the Great Depression again? The same people who fought against safety nets realized they could not get rid of them politically, so they found a way to bankrupt them, and then pretend the entire program should be scrapped because it was corrupted.

If the Republicans want a “free market” argument, then why are they burdening employers with health costs at all? Doesn’t that put us at a disadvantage to our global competition in the market?

We are in fact the only major industrialized nation in the world that does not give our citizens access to free health care and it is a handicap for us on the world market. Our employers are overburdened with baring all the costs, and incentives are now there for cheapskates and stingy bosses to cut hours just to avoid paying for health care. So, it really doesn’t solve the employer provided insurance either. Which was started after WWII to entice employees to work after salary caps were put in place and was only a perk and didn’t cost much for employers to provide. And people didn’t use it the way they do now.

So. Yes, Obamacare is better than nothing. It’s basically not much better than what we have now. We have been thrown into a private “exchange” of the same monopolistic insurance companies we had before. We can boycott it, it’s not a big deal and I don’t’ understand what the hysteria is all about front he Obamacare Haters – they love to waste taxpayer money and grandstand in the House of Representatives, I guess.

How much did it cost for him to go up there and waste taxpayer's money?

Still a far, far cry from anything that will fix the already corrupt and bullshit system known as the U.S. Health Care Industry. But, it’s better than nothing. Which is what many have now, and we end up in the Emergency Room for basic care, which costs taxpayers and ratepayers and all of us way more than if we just had free health care for all like other countries do.

Profits soar for monopolistic companies that have cornered the market and have lavish government contracts and billing schemes, and somehow we are billed for $100 aspirin?

Are some employers are being cruel to employees for nothing but frivolous political whim?


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